Form and Function


Could you include a brief message in the next PSB? I have been asked by my department to develop a course called Form and Function in Algae and Terrestrial Plants. The goal is to compare and contrast structural adaptations of diverse taxa for major physiological functions like photosynthesis, mineral nutrition, osmoregulation, translocation, modes of reproduction, as well as physical functions like upright growth and branching. There are some obvious things to consider but I could really benefit from the experiences of BSA members who might have relevant global or parochial ideas. The course will be offered next spring so I have some lead time. No hint or idea is too small!

- David T. Webb
Department of Botany, University of Hawaii
Honolulu HI 96789-2279
tel (808) 956-8028

Estudios Botánicos en el Sur del Ecuador


As a member of the Botanical Society of America, I read the Plant Science Bulletin. For a two year period, I am stationed by the Department of Systematic Botany, University of Aarhus in Denmark at the Department of Botany, Universidad Nacional de Loja in Ecuador on an Enhancement of Local Research Capacity Project financed by The Danish Agency for International Development. In the Department in Loja we just published the second edition of the book Estudios Botánicos en el Sur del Ecuador, written by the founder of the Herbario LOJA - Reinaldo Espinosa, Dr. Reinaldo Espinosa. Volume one was first published in 1948 and volume two in 1949. Since this book has not received the international recognition that it deserved in the first edition, we decided to publish a second edition in colaboration with the Herbarium AAU. For the moment I am trying to advertise the book as widely as possible, and would like to send you a copy for review or listing in the Plant Science Bulletin. Would you therefore be interested in receiving this book ?

- Bente B. Klitgaard, PhD
Herbario LOJA, UNL, Casilla 11-01-249,
Loja, Ecuador
Fax/phone: (00 593 7) 570 701

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