Developmental & Structural Section Best Student Poster Awards

Each year, an award is given to the graduate or undergraduate student who presents the best poster based on their original research in the Developmental and Structural Section poster session. To be eligible the student must be present at the poster session and be the first author. Students who have completed their Ph.D. within the past year are also eligible.

Award Recipients: 2024 | 2023 | 2022


Caitlin Cooler, Ohio University, For the Poster: Structural Developmental Evolution of Aquatic Legumes. Co-authors: Caitlin Cooler, L. Ellie Becklund, and John J. Schenk.  


Haylee Nedblake, University of Kansas, For the Poster: Parallel evolution of corolla tube width shifts in PenstemonCo-authors: Meghan Tidwell, Carolyn Wessinger, Lena Hileman. 


Best Student Poster
Deanna Neupert, Miami University, For the Poster: The evolution of structural novelty: A morphological analysis of development in Mimulus and its implication for plant architecture and reproduction. Co-authors: Robert Baker, Rich Moore, Jonathan Bauer