Botanical Society of America Awards Recipients 2024

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 awards provided by the Botanical Society of America. Here we provide recognition for outstanding efforts and contributions to the science of botany. We thank you for your support of these programs. 

Given by SECTIONS   Given by SECTIONS


Student Presentation and Poster Awards

Student Travel Awards (STA)

Award winners will be added below as they become available.


Donald R. Kaplan Memorial Lecture

Cynthia Jones, University of Connecticut


The BSA Developing Nations Travel Grants

Elton John de Lírio, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Carina I. Motta, Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho, Rio Claro, Brazil

Boniface Ngarega, Oklahoma State University, USA

Malka Saba, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Jackeline Salazar, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Anju Batta Sehgal, Retd. Principal Govt. College Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh, India

Prabha Sharma, University of Delhi, India


The BSA Professional Member Travel Grants

Kelsey J.R.P. Byers, John Innes Centre

Elton John de Lírio, University of São Paulo

Lekeah Durden, Central Michigan University

Elizabeth McCarthy, SUNY Cortland

Pedro Henrique Pezzi, University of Arkansas

Prabha Sharma, University of Delhi


BSA Public Policy Award

The Public Policy Award was established in 2012 to support the development of of tomorrow's leaders and get a better understanding of this critical area.

Cael Dant, Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden

Jenna Miladin, University of Arkansas


Donald R. Kaplan Dissertation Award in Comparative Morphology
This award was created to promote research in plant comparative morphology. The Kaplan family has established an endowed fund, administered through the Botanical Society of America, to support the Ph.D. research of graduate students in this area.

Andrea Appleton, Harvard University, for the Proposal: Diversity and development of the intricate staminodes across Loasaceae (Cornales).


The BSA Undergraduate Student Research Awards
The BSA Undergraduate Student Research Awards support undergraduate student research and are made on the basis of research proposals and letters of recommendation.

Bridget Badali, Queen's University, For the Proposal: Genetic variation and population differentiation in vegetative pigmentation across the range of invasive New Zealand Mimulus guttatus. Co-author: Dr. Jannice Friedman

Sasha Carrasco, Eastern Kentucky University, For the Proposal: Investigating the bioactive properties of the genus Lygodium through phytochemical composition analysis. Co-author: Dr. Sally Chambers

Luis Hurtado, Texas A&M University, For the Proposal: Environmental DNA detection of an endangered moss. Co-authors: Katie K. Sanbonmatsu, Dale Kruse, Daniel Spalink

Isabel Smalley, University of Minnesota Duluth, For the Proposal: Resolving Phylogeny Through Deep Time: An Exploration of Myriopteris covillei (Pteridaceae).


The Botany and Beyond: PLANTS Grants Recipients
The PLANTS (Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists: Increasing the diversity of plant scientists) program recognizes outstanding undergraduates from diverse backgrounds and provides travel grant.

Mariana Acevedo Garcia, Pomona College, Advisor: Carrie Kiel

Joie Beasley-Bennet, Oregon State University, Advisor: Aaron Liston

Giorgio Casini, University of Colorado Boulder, Advisor: Jonathan Henn

Kendall Cross, St Cloud State University, Advisor: Angela McDonnell

Carmen Curry, Virginia Tech, Advisor: Jordan Metzgar

Kylie Gieser, Old Dominion University, Advisor: Lisa Wallace

Hannah Herrick, California Polytechnic University - Pomona, Advisor: Edward Bobich

Asma Jamil, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Advisor: David Susko

Danielle Keysaw, Utah Valley University, Advisor: Erin Riggs

Mellifera Letterman, California State University, Fullerton, Advisor: Joshua Der

Elizabeth Mandala, Idaho State University, Advisor: Kathryn Turner

Austin Melancon, University of Michigan, Advisor: Charles Davis

Alison Munaylla-Bohorquez, Marymount University, Advisor: Megan Romberg

Giovanna Munoz-Gonzalez, California State University, Fresno, Advisor: Katherine Waselkov

Amaya-Jean Roberts, Utah Valley University, Advisor: Erin Riggs

Rose Roberts, Oregon State University, Advisor: Juan Navarro

Sydney Sauls, Howard University, Advisor: Janelle Burke

Reynalda Vazquez, University of South Carolina Upstate, Advisor: Benjamin Montgomery

Sydney Ward, Hope College, Advisor: Jennifer Blake-Mahmud

Amiya Whitson, Auburn University at Montgomery, Advisor: Vanessa Koelling


The BSA Student and PostDoc Travel Awards
Winners were selected by lottery

Ioana Anghel

Madeline Bednar

Shiran Ben Zeev

Matthew Finzel

Megan Gauger

JianJun Jin

Ishveen Kaur

Masoumeh Khodaverdi

Mason McNair

Wesley Radford


Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Awards (BSA in association with the Developmental and Structural Section)

This award was named in honor of the memory and work of Dr. Vernon I. Cheadle.

Haylee Nedblake, University of Kansas; Advisor: Lena Hileman; For the Presentation: Parallel evolution of corolla tube width shifts in Penstemon. Co-authors: Carolyn Wessinger, Lena Hileman

Austin T. Nguyen, University of Kansas; Advisor: Kelly Matsunaga; For the Presentation: Intercalary Growth and Seed Cone Development in Taxodium distichum and Juniperus virginiana (Cupressaceae). Co-authors: Ana Andruchow-Colombo, Kelly Matsunaga


Southeastern Section Student Presentation Awards
The following winners were selected from the Association of Southeastern Biologists meeting that took place at the end of March, 2024.

Southeastern Section Paper Presentation Award
Meredith Woodward, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Southeastern Section Poster Presentation Award
Kaya Rosselle, NC State University


Developmental & Structural Section Student Travel Awards

Sanam Parajuli, South Dakota State University; Advisor: Dr. Madhav Nepal; For the Presentation: Predicted Genetics of Floral Patterning in Amborella trichopoda Baill Revealed by Genome-wide Survey and Expression Analysis of MADS-Box Transcription Factors. Co-authors: Madhav Nepal, Bibek Adhikari

Pei-Jun Xie, National Tsing Hua University; Advisor: Li-Yaung Kuo; For the Presentation: Comparative anatomical study in Tectaria species with different leaf dimorphism levels in a world of diverse reproductive strategies. Co-authors: You-Wun Hwang, Li-Yaung Kuo


Ecological Section Student Travel Awards

Elton John de Lirio, University of São Paulo; Advisor: Dr. Jenn Yost; For the Presentation: Phylogenetic position and sex expression of the first known Neotropical Monimiaceae paradioecious species. Co-authors: Heloisa Alves de Lima, Ariane Luna Peixoto, Marc Pignal, Vitor dos Santos Gomes Maia, Gabriel Silva Santos, Cassia Sakuragui

Ethan E. Grant, Miami University; Advisor: Dr. Richard Moore; For the Presentation: Floral scent and intersexual mimicry in dioecious highland papaya Vasconcellea parviflora. Co-author: Richard Moore


Pteridological Section & American Fern Society Student Travel Awards

Qiao-Yi Xie, National Taiwan University; Advisor: Ko-Hsuan Chen; For the Presentation: Fungal Community Dynamics Across Generations and Compartments in the Epiphytic Fern Ophioderma pendulum. Co-authors: Li-Yaung Kuo, Chiung‐Chih Chang, Chien-Jung Lin, Wen-Hong Wang, Ko-Hsuan Chen