If You Were Asked...

Would You Consider Giving A Gift That Would Benefit...

  • The Botanical Society of America?
  • The American Journal of Botany?
  • The BSA tradition of supporting scientific research and scholarship?
  • The BSA tradition of supporting and developing young botanical scientists?
  • The BSA's ability to provide leadership within the scientific community?
  • You and the institution (or institutions) of your choosing?

We are asking...

The Botanical Society of America finds itself in an interesting position. Throughout our history, we have successfully supported the botanical sciences, the dissemination of botanical research & information and fostered the next generation of plant scientists.

We have evolved in a manner that allows us to clearly make a difference in our community. We are delivering on our mission as a Society more effectively than at any time in our history. We have reached this point due to the foresight and commitment of the leaders and members who have gone before us.

Today we find ourselves nearing a historical crossroad. We are not alone, as all scientific societies face similar environmental changes. At the forefront of these changes are the evolution of the internet and the manner in which we deliver on our mission and share our members' research.

The coming changes present our Society with both significant threats to our financial freedom and considerable opportunities in our ability to deliver on our mission. In particular, we have the opportunity to lead by example by taking control of our financial future, providing us with the ability to decide how we use our assets to serve our members, botany and science.

We ask you to play a role in the future of the Botanical Society of America. Below we outline some of the accomplishments of the Society over the past few years, several ways you can become involved, and thank you in advance for considering to do so.

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