Sectional Affiliations

Join one or more BSA Sectional Affiliations to collaborate with BSA members that share your specific interests or research topics. Many sections provide awards and grants specific to their members as well as tailored programs at Botany Conferences.

Membership to sections are renewed on an annual basis while renewing your membership and may carry a small fee, though some are free to join. Sectional affiliations can be renewed on a multi-year basis if you are purchasing a multi-year membership. Students may join as many sectional affiliations as they like for free. 


Bryological And Lichenological Section ($2)
Developmental And Structural Section ($10)
Ecological Section ($10)
Economic Botany Section ($8)
Genetics Section ($20)
Historical Section ($5)
Paleobotanical Section ($8)
Phycological Section ($0)
Physiological and Ecophysiological Section ($10)
Phytochemistry Section ($10)
Primarily Undergraduate Institution ($5)
Pteridological Section ($10)
Systematics Section ($5)
Teaching Section ($5)
Tropical Biology Section ($5)
Northeastern Section ($0)
Southeastern Section ($5)

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Sectional Officers
Sectional ByLaws
Awards Given by Sections
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