Phytochemical Section Presentation Awards

Award Recipients:


Best Presentation:
Evin Magner, University of Minnesota, For the Presentation: Post-secretory synthesis of a natural analog of iron-gall ink in the black nectar of Melianthus spp.

Best Poster:
Jayani Wathukarage, Rice Research and Development Institute, Sri Lanka, For the Poster: Phytochemical compounds from Eucalyptus with herbicidal activity


Best Presentation: 
Gordon Younkin, Cornell University - For the Presentation: "Comparative transcriptomics of 48 Erysimum species guides discovery of cardiac glycoside biosynthetic genes." Co-authors: Martin Alani, Mahdieh Mirzaei, Georg Jander

Best Presentation Honorable Mention: 
Luis Santiago-Rosario, Louisiana State Univeristy - For the Presentation: "Contrasts among cationic phytochemical landscapes in the southern United States." Co-author: Kyle Harms 

Best Poster:
Gemma Takahashi, University of California, Irvine - For the Poster: "Differential expression, genome annotation, and enzyme discovery in Drosera capensis." Co-authors: Omar Akbari, Ulysses Castelan, Mark Hadadian, Jonathan Le, Jessica Kelz, Elizabeth Diessner, Elliott Einstein, Megha Unhelkar, Ashley Kwok, Marc Sprague-Piercy, Sofiya Woodcock, Allison Pineda, Pauniz Shabakesaz, David Einstein, Alexandra Garabedian, Aden Alemayhu, Jose Uribe, Rachel Martin, Carter Butts

Best Poster Honorable Mention:
Anna Ferraro, High Point University - For the Poster: "Characterizing plant biochemical responses to pathogenic stress: a spotlight on red leaf spots." Co-authors: Maggie Salley, Bailey McCormick, Andrew Wommacck, Nicole Michelle Hughes


Liz Mahood, Cornell University, For the Presentation: Leveraging Integrative Omics Analyses for Stress-Responsive Metabolic Pathway Elucidation in Brachypodium. Co-Authors: Lars Kruse, Alexandra Bennett, Armando Bravo, Maryam Ishka, Chinmaey Kelkar, Yulin Jiang, Maria Harrison, Olean Vatamaniuk, and Gaurav Moghe

Honorable Mention:
Thiti Suttiyut
, Purdue University, For the Presentation: Investigating the biochemical evolution of the shikonin pathway in red gromwell (Lithospermum erythrorhizon). Co-Authors: Robert Auber, Manoj Ghaste, Jennifer Wisecaver, and Joshua Widhalm

No awards given between 2013 and 2020

2012 - Rachel Meyer, City University of New York - Advisor, Dr. Amy Litt - Botany 2012 presentation: “Molecular and chemical differences among Asian eggplants analyzed in a framework of their history of utilization” Co-authors, Bruce Whitaker, and Amy Litt

2008 - Cary Pirone, Florida International University, FL - Advisor, Dr. David Lee - Botany 2008 presentation: “A Mammalian Pigment in the Plant Kingdom.”

2007 - Cassie Majetic, University of Pittsburgh
For the poster “Geographic patterns of floral scent-floral color association in Hesperis matronalis (Brassicaceae) and their implications on female fitness” Her co-authors Robert A. Raguso and Tia-Lynn Ashman.