BSA Student Chapters

Student Chapters are a great way to network with your peers at your institution of learning through engaging activities as well as take advantage of special BSA discounts including a $10 Student Membership (this is a 50% discount off student membership) and discounted registration to Botany Conferences each year!

To learn more about starting a student chapter click here.

Current BSA Chapters

To contact a student chapter click on the chapter name to email their main contact for more information.

Bucknell University - Student Chapter
Crandall University - Biology Society - Student Chapter
Eastern Michigan University - Student Chapter

Emory University - Student Chapter

Indiana University - South Bend - Student Chapter 
L.H. Baileys Botany Bunch - Cornell University - Student Chapter 
National Association of Botany Students, University of Lagos - Student Chapter

Northwestern Univeristy - Student Chapter
Roots, the Botany Club at Rhodes College - Student Chapter 
Samford Botany - Club - Student Chapter 
South Australia, The University of Adelaide - Student Chapter 
South Dakota State University - Student Chapter 
Stephen F Austin State University - Student Chapter 
Texas Tech University - Student Chapter 
The Botany Club of Louisiana State University - Student Chapter 

University of Central Florida - Student Chapter 
University of Denver Botanical Society - Student Chapter 
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa - Student Chapter
University of Kansas - Student Chapter
University of Oklahoma - Graduate Student Chapter 
University of West Florida - Pensacola - Student Chapter 
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point - Student Chapter
Weber State University - Student Chapter

Don't see your Student Chapter on the list?
You can re-add your chapter or start a new chapter by filling out the Student Chapter Application. Click here for more information.


Crandall University - Biology Society - Student Chapter Hosts a Cleanup

The Crandall University student chapter hosted its first event of the year on September 18th. We did a cleanup of the Gorge Brook woods and collected over 260 lbs of trash. We had 30 volunteers attend who helped out for a total of 210 collective hours.

Crandall Biology Student Chapter George Brook Woods cleanup

Eastern Michigan University Student Chapter Tackles Invasive Species

Members of the Eastern Michigan University Student Chapter decided that this spring they would focus on the topic of invasive species and its affects on local plants.  Last week the chapter held an informative lecture for the Eastern Michigan Plant Lovers Gardening Club and invited attendees to join them for an invasive honeysuckle removal project that next weekend.  Together with the local parks department, the chapter, and garden club volunteers were able to remove over 2 acres of honeysuckle from the local natural areas of the city parks.  Here are some photos of the members and their volunteers.


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New Student Chapter Application

There are no costs to starting a Student Chapter. The following information is needed to start a Student Chapter:

1. Name of the Chapter
Usually this is the name of your school, some examples are:
  • University of West Florida - Pensacola - Student Chapter
  • Weber State University - Student Chapter
  • You can see the current list above for more examples

2. Officers, Contact and Advisor
  • You must include a President and Secretary/Treasurer, if you have any other officer positions you can add them as well
  • Your Contact will be used for email communications with BSA as well as used on this page for students to contact your chapter
  • We are now strongly suggesting you include an Advisor and their email 
  • It is important to keep BSA updated on any changes annually

3. Activities
Activities are the most important part of creating a student chapter, please include between 5-10 activities that your chapter plans to complete each year. Each Student Chapter is unique so come up with activities that best serve your chapter. Here are some examples:
  • Field Trips (to gardens, greenhouses etc)
  • Attend Local, Regional and National plant science conferences
  • Remove invasive species
  • Plant Sales/Swaps
  • Educate the community (via workshops, help plant community gardens)
  • Collect Specimens
  • Guest Lectures

Thank you for your interest in starting a new BSA Student Chapter! After you have submitted an application to start a student chapter, we will get back to you to let you know if your application has been approved. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at