Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Awards

DR. VERNON I. CHEADLE is remembered as a great teacher for the courses he taught at the University of Rhode Island and the University of California at Davis. However, he is most noted for his work as a botanical research scientist. Much of his anatomical collection remains a significant part of botanical history as "The Vernon I. Cheadle and Katherine Esau Structural Botanical Collections", which is now housed at the Vernon and Mary Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Cheadles contributions span 60 years and include over 6,000 preserved (pickled) plant specimens, 64,000 microscope slides supporting the specimens, field collection information including photographs, herbarium voucher sheets, tracheary cell measurements, and general anatomical information is contained in the extensive data card files. The websites for the The Vernon I. Cheadle and Katherine Esau Structural Botanical Collections can be found at:

In Memorium, VERNON IRVIN CHEADLE 1910-1995, Plant Science Bulletin 1995, Vol. 41, Issue 3

The Botanical Society of America, in conjunction with the Developmental & Structural Section offers two (2), $500 Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Awards. Awards are available to undergraduate and graduate students who will be attending and presenting a paper or poster at the annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America. Although it is not a requirement, students who are presenting in a session sponsored by the Developmental and Structural Section will be given the highest priority.

This award is now open.

Deadline March 15, 2024 (Midnight Pacific Time)

Current BSA members can access the awards portal by clicking here and logging in with your BotanyID/Password. Once signed in, click on the "Botany 2024 - Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Awards" link and you should see a blue button that says "+ Create New Nomination" at the bottom if your login was successful. 

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Haylee Nedblake, University of Kansas, Advisor: Lena Hileman, For the Presentation: Parallel evolution of corolla tube width shifts in Penstemon. Co-authors: Carolyn Wessinger, Lena Hileman

Austin T. Nguyen, University of Kansas, Advisor: Kelly Matsunaga, For the Presentation: Intercalary Growth and Seed Cone Development in Taxodium distichum and Juniperus virginiana (Cupressaceae). Co-authors: Ana Andruchow-Colombo, Kelly Matsunaga


Arthur Leung, University of Toronto, Advisor: Rowan Sage, For the Presentation: Ultrastructural modifications facilitated the initial steps in the evolution of C4 photosynthesis in Tribulus (Zygophyllaceae)

Oluwatobi Adekunle Oso, Yale University, Advisor: Professor Erika Edwards, For the Presentation: Origin and Distribution of Leaf Teeth in Temperate Woody Angiosperm Flora


Benjamin Ajayi, University Of Lagos, Advisor: Professor Akeem Babalola, For the Presentation: Dumpsite Aftereffects on Structural and Functional Integrity of Three Crop Weeds

Kelly Pfeiler, University of Kansas, Advisors: Kelly Matsunaga & Brian Atkinson, For the Presentation: Anatomically preserved cheirolepidiaceous pollen cones from the Cretaceous of western North America. Co-authors: Brian Atkinson, Kelly Matsunaga

Keana Tang, University of Kansas, Advisor: Brian Atkinson, For the Presentation: Crown group Lauraceae in the Late Cretaceous: new evidence from fossil flowers. Co-authors: Kelly Matsunaga, Brian Atkinson

Elizabeth Wilson, William Jewell College, Advisor: Nathan Jud, For the Presentation: Revising the description and diagnosis of the Late Pennsylvanian medullosan Neuropteris lindahli White based on new fossil material. Co-author: Nathan Jud

Brandi Zenchyzen, University of Alberta, Advisor: Jocelyn Hall, For the Presentation: Exploring nectary diversity in Cleomaceae. Co-authors: Jaymie Martin, Stacie Weissner, Ainsley Lopushinsky, Ida John, Ishnoor Nahal, Jocelyn Hall

2021 No Awards Given in 2021
2020 No Awards Given in 2020

Alexander Bippus, Oregon State University, Advisor: Ruth A. Stockley, For the Presentation: Uncovering Mesozoic polar bryophyte diversity: A permineralized haplolepideous moss gametophyte from the Late Cretaceous of the north slope of Alaska
Co-authors: Ruth Stockey, Ger Rothwell

Megan Nibbelink, Humboldt State University, Advisor: Mihai Tomescu, For the Presentation: Exploring zosterophyll diversity in the Emsian (Early Devonian) permineralized assemblages of the Battery Point Formation (Québec, Canada)
Co-author: Alexandru Tomescu

Annika Smith, University of Florida, Advisors: Drs. Pamela and Douglas Soltis, For the Presentation: How many ways are there to make a nectar spur? Studies in the nasturtiums (Tropaeolum).
Co-authors: Lena Struwe, Kurt Stenn, Douglas Soltis, Pamela Soltis

Zebadiah Yoko, North Dakota State University, Advisor: Dr. Jill Hamilton, For the Presentation: Teasing apart the scale of quantitative trait differences for restoration across heterogeneous landscapes
Co-authors: Kate Volk, Jill Hamilton

2018 Glen Morrison, University of California-Riverside, Advisor: Dr Amy Litt, For the presentation: "Testing the utility of morphological traits in delimiting a variable subspecies group, the Arctostaphylos glandulosa complex." Co-authors: Yi Huang, Natalie Saavedra, Thomas Stoughton, Dylan Burge, V.T. Parker, and Amy Litt

Farahnoz Khojayori, Virginia Commonwealth University, Advisor: Dr Wenheng Zhang, For the  presentation: "CYC2-like genes elucidate floral symmetry evolution following a major biogeographic disjunction." Co-authors: Jingbo Zhang, Elena Kramer, Charles Davis, and Wenheng Zhang.

2017 Farahnoz Khojayori, Virginia Commonwealth University - Advisor: Dr. Wenheng Zhang - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "CYC2-like genes elucidate floral symmetry evolution following a major biogeographic disjunction" Co-author: Jingbo Zhang, Elena Kramer, Charles Davis and Wenheng Zhang

Keir Wefferling, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Advisor: Dr. Sara Hoot - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Disentangling the subalpine marshmarigold polyploid complex: Phylogeography of Caltha leptosepala s.l. (Ranunculaceae)" Co-author: Sara Hoot

Christopher Nelson, Florida Museum of Natural History - Advisor, Dr. Nathan A. Jud - for the Botany 2016 presentation: "A new species of Mammea (Calophyllaceae) from the lower Miocene of Panama" Co-author: Nathan A. Jud

Adam Ramsey, University of Memphis - Advisor, Dr. Jennifer R Mandel - for the Botany 2016 presentation: "Patterns of cyto-nuclear disequilibrium and the influence of heteroplasmy in wild carrot, Daucus carota (Apiaceae) " Co-author: Jennifer R Mandel

Amanda Salvi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Advisor, Dr. Selena Y Smith - for the Botany 2016 presentation: "Effect of canopy shading on morphology, anatomy, and self-shading in spiral gingers (Costus)" Co-author: Selena Y Smith

Rachel Schwallier, Naturalis Biodiversity Center - Advisor, Dr. Barbara Gravendeel - for the Botany 2016 presentation: "Evolution of wood anatomical characters in Nepenthes and close relatives in Caryophyllales" Co-authors: Barbara Gravendeel, Hugo de Boer, Bertie Joan van Heuven, Anton Sieder, Sukaibin Sumail, Rogier van Vugt, Stephan Nylinder and Frederic Lens


Jessica Chu, Humboldt State University - Advisor, Dr. Alexandru M.F. Tomescu - for the Botany 2015 presentation: "Reappraising the flora of the Battery Point Formation (Québec) – additional diversity of Early Devonian permineralized plants" Co-author: Alexandru M.F. Tomescu

Mario Coiro, ETH Zurich - Advisor, Dr. Elisabeth Truernit - for the Botany 2015 presentation: "Epidermal morphology and the diversification of the cycads" Co-authors: James E. Mickle and Maria Rosaria Barone Lumaga

Jacob Landis, University of Florida - Advisor, Dr. Pamela Soltis - for the Botany 2015 presentation: "Investigating the genetic underpinnings of corolla cell size and shape differences in Saltugilia (Polemoniaceae)" Co-authors: Rebecca O'Toole, Kayla Ventura, Douglas Soltis and Pamela Soltis

Aniket Sengupta, Kansas University - Advisor, Dr. Lena Hileman - for the Botany 2015 presentation: "Testing the role of bilateral flower symmetry genes in eudicot lineages with radial flowers" Co-author: Lena Hileman


Carla Harper, University of Kansas - Advisor, Dr. Thomas N. Taylor - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "Foliar fossil fungi: Leaf–fungal interactions from the Permian and Triassic of Antarctica" Co-authors: Thomas N Taylor, Michael Krings and Edith L. Taylor

Rebecca Koll, University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History - Advisor, Dr. Steven Manchester - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "Taxonomic Relationships of Early and Middle Permian Gigantopterid Seed Plants in Western Pangea" Co-author: Steven Manchester

Meghan McKeown, University of Vermont - Advisor, Dr. Jill Preston - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "The Evolution of Vernalization Responsiveness in Temperate Pooideae" Co-author: Jill Preston


Sarangi Athukorala, University of Manitoba - Advisor: Dr. Michele Piercey-Normore - Botany 2013 presentation: Quantitative comparison of morphology and gene expression of Cladonia rangiferina during the interaction with compatible and incompatible algae" Co-authors, E. Huebner and M.D. Piercey-Normore

Julien Massoni, University Paris Sud - Advisor: Hervé Sauquet - Botany 2013 presentation: "Fossil calibration of Magnoliidae: thorough background research significantly improves reliability of molecular age estimates" Co-authors, Maria von Balthazar, Laetitia Carrive,Thomas Couvreur, Juerg Schoenenberger, Yannick Staedler and Hervé Sauquet

Kelly Matsunaga, Humboldt State University - Advisor: Dr. Alexandru M.F. Tomescu - Botany 2013 presentation: "Early Devonian Drepanophycus from the Beartooth Butte Formation of Wyoming" Co-author, Alexandru M.F. Tomescu

Stephanie Ranks, University of California, Berkeley - Advisor: Dr. Cindy Looy - Botany 2013 presentation: "Autorotating winged seeds: what they tell us about tree height in extant and fossil conifers" Co-authors, Dori Contreras, Charles R. Marshall and Cindy V Looy


Allison Bronson, Humboldt State University - Advisor: Dr. Mihai Tomescu - Botany 2012 presentation: "A perithecial sordariomycete (Ascomycota) of diaporthalean affinity from the Early Cretaceous of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada)." Co-authors, Ashley Klymiuk, Ruth Stockey and Alexandru Tomescu

David Duarte, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona - Advisor: Frank Ewers - Botany 2012 presentation: "Plastic responses of wood development in California black walnut (Juglans californica): effects of irrigation and post-firegrowth " Co-authors, Frank Ewers, Edward Bobich, Shawn Pham and Kristin Bozak

Rachel Hackett, Central Michigan University - Advisor: Dr. Anna Monfils - Botany 2012 presentation: "Prairie fen plant biodiversity: the influence of landscape factors on plant community assemblages ." Co-authors, Hillary Karbowski and Anna Monfils

Matthew Ogburn, Brown University - Advisor: Dr. Erika Edwards - Botany 2012 presentation: "Anatomy of leaf succulence in the clade Portulacineae + Molluginaceae: evolutionary jumps into novel phenotypic space" Co-author, Erika Edwards


Jessica Budke, University of Connecticut - Advisor: Dr. Cynthia S. Jones - Botany 2011 presentation: "Experimental Manipulation of the Moss Calyptra: The effect of cuticle removal and desiccation on sporophyte development in Funaria hygrometrica." Co-authors, Bernard Goffinet and Cynthia Jones

David Duarte, Cal Poly Pomona - Advisor: Frank Ewers - Botany 2011 presentation: "Seasonal changes in the vessel anatomy of adults and resprouts of California black walnut trees following wildfire" Co-authors, Edward Bobich, Sarah Pak, Shawn Pham, Yasuhiro Utsumi and Frank Ewers

Ari Novy, Rutgers University - Advisor: Dr. Jean Marie Hartman - Botany 2011 presentation: "Rapid evolution of phenology during invasion of the grass Microstegium vimineum in North America." Co-authors, Luke Flory and Jean Marie Hartman

Chi-Chih Wu, University of Colorado, Boulder - Advisor: Dr. Pamela Diggle - Botany 2011 presentation: "The impact of the lower genetic relatedness of endosperm to its compatriot embryo on maize seed development" Co-authors, Pamela Diggle and William Friedman


Chunmiao Feng, North Carolina State University - Advisor Jenny Xiang - Botany 2010 presentation: "Evolutionary developmental study of inflorescence in Cornus."

Christine Whitelock, Californai State University, Bakersfield - Advisor: Brandon Pratt - Botany 2010 presentation: "Are xylem traits in chaparral species phylogenetically conserved?"

Kerri Mocko, University of Connecticut - Advisor: Cynthia Jones - Botany 2010 presentation: "A phylogenetic analysis of stomatal evolution and leaf shape in Pelargonium."

Geraldine Boyden,  St. John's University - Advisor Dianella Howarth - Botany 2010 presentation: "Virus-induced gene silencing of Cycloidea-like genes in Fedia cornucopiae" and "Duplications in the floral symmetry gene RADIALIS in Dipsacales and Pentapetalae are similar to those of other floral transcription factors."

Courtney Traugh,  Californai State University, Bakersfield - Advisor: Brandon Pratt - Botany 2010 presentation: "Storage of non-structural carbohydrates in the xylem among chaparral shrub species may come at the cost of reduced stem mechanical strength."


Madelaine Bartlett - University of California, Berkeley, CA - Advisor, Dr. Chelsea Specht
Botany 2009 presentation: "CYCLOIDEA-like genes and the evolution of floral symmetry in the Zingiberales."

Brett A. Bergman - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA - Advisor, Dr. Frank W. Ewers
Botany 2009 presentation: "Effect of Leaf Nodes on the Mechanical Properties of Stems."

Nathan Derieg - University of California, Santa Barbara, CA - Advisor, Dr. Scott Hodges
Botany 2009 presentation: "Molecular basis of an adaptive trait: floral anthocyanin production in Aquilegia."

Julia Nowak - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC - Advisor, Dr. Quentin Cronk
Botany 2009 presentation: "Morphological oddity of the Krishna Fig."


James Cohen - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY - Advisor, Dr. Jerrold Davis
Papers submitted for Botany 2008: "The World of Walled Marriages: Comparative Floral Development in Lithospermum."

Nathan Jud - Ohio University, Athens, OH - Advisor, Dr. Gar W. Rothwell
Papers submitted for Botany 2008: " Anatomy of an Upper Cretaceous bennettitalean stem."

Natalia Pabon Mora - New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY - Advisor, Dr. Amy Litt
Papers submitted for Botany 2007: "Functional evolution of the AP1/FUL gene lineage in non-core eudicot plants."

Renate Wuersig - Purdue University, West Lafayette. IN - Advisor, Dr. Michael Zanis
Papers submitted for Botany 2008: "The Natural History of C-class Genes: Independent Duplication Events in Diverse Angiosperm Lineages."


Madelaine Bartlett - University of California, Berkeley Advisor: Dr. Chelsea Specht
Papers submitted for Botany 2007: "The labellum of Costus (Zingiberales) and the ABC model of floral development."

Julia Nowak - University of Guelph, Advisor: Dr. Usher Posluszny
Papers submitted for Botany 2007: "The role of abscission during leaflet separation in Chamaedorea elegans."

Patricia Ryberg - University of Kansas, Advisor: Dr. Edith L. Taylor
Papers submitted for Botany 2007: "Buds and Branching in the Triassic sphenophyte Spaciinodum collinsonii."

John Snider - University of Central Arkansas, Advisor: Dr. John Choinski
Papers submitted for Botany 2007: "Differences in chlorophyll fluorescence temperature optima of young and mature leaflets of Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra L.) and
Gas exchange and leaf temperature changes in Smooth (Rhus glabra L.) and Winged (Rhus copallina L.) Sumac."


Tania Hernandez-Hernandez - Instituto de Biologia, UNAM, Advisor: Dr. Susana Magallon Puebla
Papers submitted for Botany 2006: "Functional diversification of B MADS-Box homeotic regulators of flower development: adaptive evolution in protein-protein interaction domains after major gene duplication events."

Purbasha Sarkar - Maiami University (Ohio), Advisor: Dr. Daniel Gladish
Papers submitted for Botany 2006: "Does Vascular Cavity Formation In Pea Primary Roots Involve Programmed Cell Death?"

Richard Tate - Humboldt State University, Advisor: Dr. Alexandru MF Tomescu
Papers submitted for Botany 2006: "Plant Fossil Diversity in the Late Eocene Clarno Chert of Oregon."

Ramona Walls - Stony Brook University, Advisor: Dr. R. Geeta
Papers submitted for Botany 2006: "Leaf venation and the relationship between form and function in Dioscorea."


Erin Bissell - University of Colorado, Advisor: Dr. Pamela Diggle
Papers submitted for Botany 2005: "Floral morphology in Nicotiana: Are character correlations lost in space and time?"

Erika Edwards - Yale University
Papers submitted for Botany 2005: "Pereskia water relations reflect deep ecophysiological conservatism in Cactaceae."

Anna Jacobsen - Michigan State University, Advisor: Dr. Frank Ewers
Papers submitted for Botany 2005: "Convergence of xylem structure and function: California chaparral and South African fynbos."

Cassandra Rogers - Southern Illinois University, Advisor: Dr. Karen Renzaglia
Papers submitted for Botany 2005: "Sperm cell architecture in two liverworts."