Mycological Section Student Travel Awards

Award Recipients:

2012 - Wesley Beaulieu, Indiana University - Advisor, Dr. Keith Clay, for the paper “Cosmopolitan Distribution of Ergot Alkaloids Produced by Periglandula, Clavicipitaceous Symbionts of the Convolvulaceae” Co-authors: Katy L Ryan, Daniel G Panaccione, Richard E Miller and Keith Clay

Eduardo Campana, Kent State University - Advisor, Dr. Christopher Blackwood, for the paper “Fungal Communities of Northeastern Ohio

Carla Harper, Univeristy of Kansas - Advisor, Dr. Thomas N. Taylor, for the paper “Antarctic wood-decay fungi in glossopteridalean roots and stems” Co-authors: Thomas Taylor and Michael Krings

2011 - Carla Harper, University Of Kansas - Advisor, Dr. Thomas Taylor - Botany 2011 presentation: "Fungi from the Permian and Triassic of Antarctica." Co-authors, Thomas Taylor and Michael Krings

Wittaya Kaonongbua, Indiana University - Advisor, Dr. James D. Bever - Botany 2011 presentation: "Xerospora xerophila gen. et sp. nov., a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from a semi-arid region of North America." Co-author, James D. Bever

2008 - Katie Becklin, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO - Advisor, Dr. Candace Galen - Botany 2008 presentation: "The good, the bad, and the costly: Effects of shading and drought on the costs and benefits of mycorrhizae."

2007 - Sarah Carrino-Kyker, Case Western Reserve University, Advisor - Andrew Swanson
For her Botany 2007 presentation entitled; "Little Wetlands in the Big City: Microbial Diversity of Vernal Pools in and around Cleveland, Ohio".