2017 Award Recipients

Botanical Society of America Awards 2017

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 awards provided by the Botanical Society of America. Here we provide recognition for outstanding efforts and contributions to the science of botany. We thank you for your support of these programs.


  Given by SECTIONS:


  Given by SECTIONS:

Awards for STUDENTS:

  Given by SECTIONS:





Distinguished Fellow of the Botanical Society of America

The "Distinguished Fellow of the Botanical Society of America" is the highest honor our Society bestows. Each year, the award committee solicits nominations, evaluates candidates, and selects those to receive an award. Awardees are chosen based on their outstanding contributions to the mission of our scientific Society. The committee identifies recipients who have demonstrated excellence in basic research, education, public policy, or who have provided exceptional service to the professional botanical community, or who may have made contributions to a combination of these categories. Based on these stringent criteria, the 2017 Distinguished Fellow of the Botanical Society of America is:

Jennifer Richards

Dr. Jennifer Richards has made many important contributions in the diverse areas of plant morphology, development, and ecology of plants. Her research questions have ranged from the development of vegetative and reproductive parts of plants, to the ecology of their forms and functions, and comparisons of the evolutionary pathways of different taxa in the same and in different communities in response to environmental variation. Trained in classical plant morphology, she is now a whole-plant ecologist specializing in macrophytes of the southern Florida Everglades ecosystem, working with many collaborators in diverse fields of ecology and other disciplines to assess community and ecosystem effects of the extensive, long-term restoration projects taking place in the Everglades.  Among topics that she has investigated are:  the development and ecological implications of distyly in flowers, the function of leaves in carnivorous plants, the significance of water lilies as indicators of a healthy freshwater ecosystem in the Everglades, and potential methods of control for invasive exotic ferns. 

Jenny Richards has served the BSA in a number of capacities, including the Conservation Committee, Developmental and Structural Section, Education Committee, AJB associate editor, Election Committee, the Committee on Committees, and Secretary of the BSA. In 2006, the BSA recognized Dr. Richards with a Centennial Award for her outstanding service to the field and the Society. She is an outstanding scientist, educator and colleague, who remains humble, approachable and receptive to anyone with an interest in plants. Nominated by many of her colleagues, she is a botanist’s botanist, who continues to serve the BSA, the botanical community and her institution with distinction.


Charles Edwin Bessey Award (BSA in association with the Teaching Section and Education Committee)
Dr. Phil Gibson

The 2017 recipient of the Bessey Award is Dr. Phil Gibson, of the Department of Microbiology & Plant Biology and the Department of Biology at the University of Oklahoma, clearly brings all of the qualities recognized by the Charlies Edwin Bessey Teaching Award: enthusiasm, innovation in teaching that increases student and/or public interest in botany, innovation in teaching botany that increases the quality of botanical education, and BSA Membership.  Dr. Gibson's commitment to effective teaching began in graduate school where he developed a forest ecology summer field course because he recognized the critical importance of taking students into the field and providing research experiences.  As a faculty member, Dr. Gibson's pioneering work with student engagement has expanded to include development of numerous case studies that use primary research to teach fundamentals, flipped classes complete with you-tube videos, and card games that teach phylogenetic concepts. 

Dr. Gibson is exceedingly generous with each of these innovations.  The case studies are provided as freely available powerpoints and are meticulously documented with notes for using the case studies in the classroom.  Not only is Dr. Gibson committed to improving education for college students, he has published three text books aimed at K-12 students.  His commitment to public outreach is equally impressive.  Throughout his career, he has given presentations at venues ranging from Native Plant Societies, to Natural History Museums, to Community Centers.  Dr. Gibson twice led the BSA contingent at the USA Science and Engineering Festival (http://www.usasciencefestival.org/) attended by many thousands of visitors.  Finally, Dr. Gibson is a loyal and energetic member of the Botanical Society of America.  He has taken on leadership roles in the Teaching Section, including service as chair, vice chair, program coordinator, and now secretary/treasurer.  Dr. Gibson took on the leadership of PlantEd, where he is committed to providing a platform for disseminating new developments in education.


BSA Corresponding Members Award
Corresponding members are distinguished senior scientists who have made outstanding contributions to plant science and who live and work outside of the United States of America. Corresponding members are nominated by the Council, which reviews recommendations and credentials submitted by members, and elected by the membership at the annual BSA business meeting. Corresponding members have all the privileges of life-time members.
Pilar Catalán, Professor, Dept. Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, High Polytechnic School of Huesca, University of Zaragoza, Huesca, SPAIN
Song Ge, Secretary General and Vice President of the Botanical Society of China, State Key Laboratory of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiangshan, Beijing, P.R. CHINA
Ana Maria Giulietti-Harley, Professor, Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana, Bahia, BRAZIL
Jose Iñaki Hormaza, Professor and Head of the Department of Subtropical Fruit Crops at the Institute for Mediterranean and Subtropical Horticulture "La Mayora" (IHSM-UMA-CSIC), SPAIN
Shihua Shi, Professor, Sun-Yat Sen (or Zhongshan) University, School of Life Sciences State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol, Guangzhou, P.R. CHINA


Donald R. Kaplan Memorial Lecture
This year’s lecture was given by Dr. Dan Chitwood, Independent Researcher
Persistent homology and organismal theory: quantifying the branching topologies of plants"


Jeanette Siron Pelton Award
The Jeanette Siron Pelton Award is given for sustained and imaginative productivity in the field of experimental plant morphology.
Dr. Shirley Tucker, University of California, Davis.


The Grady L. Webster Structural Botany Publication Award
This award was established in 2006 by Dr. Barbara D. Webster, Grady’s wife, and Dr. Susan V. Webster, his daughter, to honor the life and work of Dr. Grady L. Webster. The American Society of Plant Taxonomists and the Botanical Society of America are pleased to join together in honoring Grady Webster.

Naoko Takahashi, Chieko Kami, Isao Ota, Nana Morita, and Ryoko Imaichi
Developmental morphology of the typical cordate gametophyte of a homosporous leptosporangiate fern, Lygodium japonicum (Lygodiaceae), focusing on the initial cell behavior of two distinct meristems
American Journal of Botany, February 2015 102 no. 2 197-207; published ahead of print 29 January 2015, doi:10.3732/ajb.1400333


Given By the Sections


Margaret Menzel Award (Genetics Section)
The Margaret Menzel Award is presented by the Genetics Section for the outstanding paper presented in the contributed papers sessions of the annual meetings.
This year’s award goes to Juan Diego Palacio-Mejia, University of Texas at Austin
For the paper “Population genomics in the native grass Panicum hallii" Co-authors: Taslima Haque, Edgardo M. Ortiz and Thomas E. Juenger.


Samuel Noel Postlethwait Award
The Samuel Noel Postlethwait Award is given for outstanding service to the BSA Teaching Section.
Phil Gibson, University of Oklahoma has received the 2017 Samuel Noel Postlethwait Award for his long term service to the Teaching Section.


Edgar T. Wherry Award (Pteridological Section and the American Fern Society)
The Edgar T. Wherry Award is given for the best paper presented during the contributed papers session of the Pteridological Section. This award is in honor of Dr. Wherry’s many contributions to the floristics and patterns of evolution in ferns.
This year’s awards go to
Dr. Lisa Hooper, Truman State University
For her paper; "The current status of Aleuritopteris (Pteridaceae) based on recent molecular analyse" Co-authors: George Yatskievych, Layne Huiet, Kathleen Pryer and Michael D. Windham
Dr. Alejandra Vasco, National Autonomous University of Mexico
For her paper; "Leaf evolution and development: building better models from fern leaf diversity" Co-author: Barbara A. Ambrose


LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Contributions to Paleobotany (Paleobotanical Section)
Dr. Gar Rothwell




BSA Emerging Leaders Award
Dr. Benjamin Blackman

Dr. Benjamin Blackman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology and the University of California, Berkeley. Ben earned his B.S. in Biological Sciences at Stanford University and then continued on there as a technician in the lab of Dr. David Kingsley. Ben received his Ph.D. in 2009 from Indiana University, Bloomington, where he worked with with Drs. Loren Rieseberg and Scott Michaels, and he completed an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biology at Duke University and University of California, Berkeley with Drs. John Willis and Daniel Rokhsar, respectively. Ben served as a faculty member in the Department of Biology at the University of Virginia for seven semesters before starting his current position at UC Berkeley in January 2016. Over this period, Ben has been a highly productive researcher, authoring over 25 publications, and he also has an impressive record of fellowship and grant support from the National Science foundation.

Ben’s research takes a highly integrative approach to understanding how plant development responds to seasonal and diurnal environmental fluctuations and how these plastic responses evolve during adaptation or domestication. His work applies genomic, functional, and comparative approaches in two classic and diverse systems, sunflowers and monkeyflowers, In doing so, Ben has made many novel insights spanning from the nucleotide level to population ecology in the evolution of photoperiodic flowering as populations adapt to local habitats, the contribution of gene duplication to evolutionary innovation during domestication, and the biology of solar tracking.

Ben’s commitment to teaching, outreach and professional service is also impressive. Since defending his PhD, Ben has mentored over 70 undergraduates and high school students. Many of these diverse students have continued on in STEM fields, and Ben was recognized as an outstanding faculty mentor by the VA-NC Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM in 2015. Ben has also organized several regional meetings and symposia, and he has served on the BSA Public Policy Committee since 2013. Among his achievements in outreach, Ben mentored K-12 Planting Science teams for five years, helped develop and implement a discovery-based genomics curriculum for high school summer interns at the National Museum of Natural History, and is now a lead organizer of Walking with Wildflowers, a new citizen science initiative for monitoring plant phenology along the Pacific Crest Trail (http://pct.usanpn.org).


BSA Public Policy Award
The Public Policy Award was established in 2012 to support the development of of tomorrow's leaders and a better understanding of this critical area. The 2017 recipients are:
Andre A. Naranjo, Ph.D. Student, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida
Maribeth Latvis, Postdoctoral Associate, Tank Lab, University of Idaho

Awards for STUDENTS:


The BSA Graduate Student Research Award including the J. S. Karling Award
The BSA Graduate Student Research Awards support graduate student research and are made on the basis of research proposals and letters of recommendations. Withing the award group is the Karling Graduate Student Research Award. This award was instituted by the Society in 1997 with funds derived through a generous gift from the estate of the eminent mycologist, John Sidney Karling (1897-1994), and supports and promotes graduate student research in the botanical sciences. The 2016 award recipients are:
The J. S. Karling Graduate Student Research Awards
Ya  Min, Harvard University,  Advisor: Elena Kramer, For the Proposal: The Genetic Architecture of Stamen Whorl Variation in Aquilegia


The BSA Graduate Student Research Awards
Prabha  Amarasinghe, University of Florida,  Advisor: Nico Cellinese, For the Proposal: An integrated approach for understanding the drivers of diversification in Memecylon (Melastomataceae)
Lauren  Audi, Northwestern University, Advisor: Nyree J C Zerega, For the Proposal: Genetic characterization of Caribbean Breadfruit: Advancing food security and local sustainable agriculture via germplasm conservation and collaboration with local growers.
Nicholas  Bard, University of Colorado at Denver, Advisor: Leo P Bruederle, For the Proposal: The Diversity of Adaptation: A Population Genomic Study of Two Disjunct Conspecific Plant Taxa
Amanda  Benoit, University of Tennessee, Advisor: Susan Kalisz, For the Proposal: Sit-and-wait predators as drivers of plant mating system evolution
Brittany  Cavazos, Iowa State University, Advisor: Haldre S. Rogers, For the Proposal: The impact of frugivorous bird extinction on plant reproductive traits
Alexa  DiNicola, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Advisor: Kenneth J. Sytsma, For the Proposal: Evolution of the Potentilla breweri complex: adaptation, hybridization, and radiation in the Great Basin sky islands
Anna  Farrell, Northern Illinois University, Advisor: Nicholas A. Barber, For the Proposal: Functional Plant Trait Variation Along Disturbance Gradients in Restored Prairies
Jessica  Hoch, Columbia University, Advisor: Matthew I. Palmer, For the Proposal: Drivers of microbial assemblages, plant-microbial mechanisms, and ecosystem services in urban green infrastructure
Johanna  Jantzen, University of Florida, Advisor: Pamela S. Soltis, For the Proposal: Diversification and niche evolution in Neotropical Tibouchina s.s. (Melastomataceae)
Melanie  Kazenel, University of Vermont, Advisor: Alison K Brody, For the Proposal: Assessing the consequences of bumblebee declines for native plants and pollinators
Xiaoxian  Liu, University of Florida, Advisor: Doug Soltis. For the Proposal: Evolutionary impact of genome duplication on alternative splicing: Genome-wide assessment in a polyploid plant (Tragopogon)
Chelsea  Pretz, University of Colorado at Boulder, Advisor: Stacey D. Smith, For the Proposal: Pollination biology and hybridization among Tomatillo (Physalis) Species in the Southwestern Region of North America
Adam  Ramsey, University of Memphis, Advisor: Jennifer Mandel, For the Proposal: The Effects of Mitochondrial Heteroplasmy on Individual Fitness in Wild Carrot
Jon  Richey, University of California at Davis, Advisor: Isabel Montanez, For the Proposal: Reconstructing Paleo-Plant Physiology and Vegetation-Climate Feedbacks of Late Paleozoic Seasonally-Dry Tropical Biomes
Rosa  Rodriguez-Pena, Ohio State University, Advisor: Andrea D. Wolfe, For the Proposal: Investigating the agents driving diversification in Penstemon using high-throughput sequencing technology
Annika  Smith, University of Florida, Advisor: Pamela S. Soltis, For the Proposal: Floral evolution & diversity in the nasturtiums (Tropaeolum)
Elizabeth  Stunz, University of Texas at El Paso, Advisor: Michael L. Moody, For the Proposal: Landscape genetics of Arctic dwarf birch (Betula nana) in the context of gene flow and climate change
Katherine  Wenzell,  Northwestern University, Advisor: Jeremie Fant, For the Proposal: Geographic variation in floral traits and pollinators in relation to population genetic  structure of two Castilleja species (Orobanchaceae)
Colby  Witherup, Northwestern University, Advisor: Norm Wickett, For the Proposal: Investigating the evolutionary history of meiosis genes in genera with diploid and polyploid clades


Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Awards (BSA in association with the Developmental and Structural Section)
This award was named in honor of the memory and work of Dr. Vernon I. Cheadle.
Farahnoz Khojayori, Virginia Commonwealth University - Advisor: Dr. Wenheng Zhang - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "CYC2-like genes elucidate floral symmetry evolution following a major biogeographic disjunction" Co-author: Jingbo Zhang, Elena Kramer, Charles Davis and Wenheng Zhang
Keir Wefferling, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Advisor: Dr. Sara Hoot - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Disentangling the subalpine marshmarigold polyploid complex: Phylogeography of Caltha leptosepala s.l. (Ranunculaceae)" Co-author: Sara Hoot


Triarch "Botanical Images" Student Travel Awards
This award provides acknowledgement and travel support to BSA meetings for outstanding student work coupling digital images (botanical) with scientific explanations/descriptions designed for the general public.
Ya Min, Harvard University - 1st Place, Feast for the pollinator, $500 Botany 2017 Student Travel Award
Kelly Matsunaga, University of Michigan - 2nd Place, "Cone-templation", $300 Botany 2017 Student Travel Award
Carolina Siniscalchi, University of Memphis - 3rd Place, Hitting the sweet spot, $200 Botany 2017 Student Travel Award


The BSA Undergraduate Student Research Awards
The BSA Undergraduate Student Research Awards support undergraduate student research and are made on the basis of research proposals and letters of recommendation. The 2017 award recipients are:
Christopher Bidlack, Bucknell University - Advisor, Drs. Christopher T. Martine and Jason T. Cantley, Comparing Salt Tolerance in Germination and Adulthood Between Four Australian Solanum Species
Michelle (Shelly) Gaynor, University of Central Florida - Advisor, Dr. Chase Mason with Dr. Linda Walters and Dr. Eric Hoffman, Assessing Genetic Diversity within Populations of Smooth Cordgrass to Ensure Effective Restoration Efforts
Jackie Ndem, Bucknell University - Advisor, Drs. Jessica E. Hall and Christopher T. Martine, Molecular Analysis of pollen grains from a morphologically Androdioecious but functionally Dioecious Solanum species
Kelly Pfeiler, Humboldt State University - Advisor, Dr. Alexandru M Tomescu, An Early Cretaceous seed cone provides a window into the deep phylogeny of sequoioid Cupressaceae


The BSA Young Botanist Awards
The purpose of these awards is to offer individual recognition to outstanding graduating seniors in the plant sciences and to encourage their participation in the Botanical Society of America. The 2017 "Certificate of Special Achievement" award recipients are:
Ethan Baldwin, University of Florida, Advisors: Drs. Pamela and Douglas Soltis
Dana Bergenfeld, Connecticut College, Advisor: Chad Jones
Lana Bolin, University of Minnesota, Advisor: David A. Moeller
Brandon Corder, University of Florida, Advisors: Drs. Pamela and Douglas Soltis
Nic Diaz, Bucknell University, Advisor: Advisor: Christopher T. Martine and Jason T. Cantley
Paige Fabre, University of Washington, Advisor: Dick Olmstead
Emma Frawley, Bucknell University, Advisor: Christopher T. Martine and Jason T. Cantley
Julian Ginori, University of Florida, Advisors: Drs. Pamela and Douglas Soltis
Nicolas Glynos, Cornell University, Advisor: Karl Niklas
Makenna Hill, Weber State University, Advisor: Sue Harley
Lia Leibman, University of Virginia, Advisor: Laura Galloway
Warner Lowry, James Madison University,  Advisor: Conley K. McMullen
Nathan Luftman, Bucknell University,  Advisor: Christopher T. Martine and Jason T. Cantley
Janet Mansaray, Howard University, Advisor: Janelle M. Burke
Rebekah Mohn, Miami University, Advisor: Michael A. Vincent
Cody Myers, University of Florida, Advisors: Drs. Pamela and Douglas Soltis
Nicholas Shaw, Weber State University, Advisor: Heather Root
Hannah Thomas, Pittsburg State University, Advisor: Neil Snow


The BSA PLANTS Grant Recipients
The PLANTS (Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists: Increasing the diversity of plant scientists) program recognizes outstanding undergraduates from diverse backgrounds and provides travel grants and mentoring for these students.
Kefren Arjona, University of Florida, Advisor: Dr. Doug Soltis
Laymon Ball, Long Beach State University, Advisor: Dr. Amanda Fisher
Nana Britwum, Cornell University, Advisor: Dr. Rena Borkhataria
Michelle Gray, University of Maryland College Park, Advisor: Dr. Maile Neele
Monique Harvey, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Janelle Burke
Rebecca Hayes, University of Pittsburgh, Advisor: Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
Lillian Hendrick, Central Michigan State University, Advisor: Dr. Anna Monfils
Glen Morrison, California State Polytechnic University, Advisor: Dr. Amy Litt
Jocelyn Navarro, Connecticut College, Advisor: Dr. Kristine Hardeman
ShaunAnn Peters, Central Michigan State University, Advisor: Dr. Anna Monfils
Kasey Pham, Michigan State University, Advisor: Dr. Alan Prather
Melissa Vergara, University of California-Santa Cruz, Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Kay
Sienna Wessel, Northern State University, Advisor: Dr. Jodie Ramsay


Genetics Section Student Research Awards
Genetics Section Student Research Awards provide $500 for research funding and an additional $500 for attendance at a future BSA meeting.
Colby Witherup, Northwestern University and the Chicago Botanic Garden, Advisor: Dr. Norman Wickett, for the proposal titled " Investigating the evolutionary history of meiosis genes in genera with diploid and polyploid clades"


Isabel Cookson Award (Paleobotanical Section)
Established in 1976, the Isabel Cookson Award recognizes the best student paper presented in the Paleobotanical Section
Michael Donovan from Pennsylvania State University, for the paper entitled, “Insect herbivore communities tracked the conifer Agathis (Araucariaceae) from Paleogene Patagonia to modern Australasia and Southeast Asia, Co-authors: Conrad C. Labandeira, Peter Wilf, Ari Iglesias and Rubin Cunio.


Katherine Esau Award (Developmental and Structural Section)
This award was established in 1985 with a gift from Dr. Esau and is augmented by ongoing contributions from Section members. It is given to the graduate student who presents the outstanding paper in developmental and structural botany at the annual meeting.
This year’s award goes to Monica Carvalho, from the Cornell University, for the paper “Leaf hydraulic architecture of Populus and Ginkgo” Co-author: Karl Niklas.


Physiological Section Li-Cor Prize
Tayler J Kriss, Fort Hays State University - Advisor, Dr. Brian Maricle, for the poster “Photosynthetic action spectra of etiolated beans during greening” Co-author: Brian Maricle


Maynard Moseley Award (Developmental & Structural and Paleobotanical Sections)
The Maynard F. Moseley Award was established in 1995 to honor a career of dedicated teaching, scholarship, and service to the furtherance of the botanical sciences. Dr. Moseley, known to his students as “Dr. Mo”, died Jan. 16, 2003 in Santa Barbara, CA, where he had been a professor since 1949. He was widely recognized for his enthusiasm for and dedication to teaching and his students, as well as for his research using floral and wood anatomy to understand the systematics and evolution of angiosperm taxa, especially waterlilies. (PSB, Spring, 2003). The award is given to the best student paper, presented in either the Paleobotanical or Developmental and Structural sessions, that advances our understanding of plant structure in an evolutionary context.
Maya Bickner, from the Humboldt State University for the paper "New fossils from the Battery Point Formation of Gaspé (Quebec, Canada) expand the anatomical diversity of Early Devonian euphyllophytes" Co-authors: Selin Toledo and Alexandru Tomescu


Ecology Section Student Presentation Awards
Nicholas Flanders (Graduate Student), Old Dominion University, for the paper “The Role of Generalist Avian Frugivores in Determining the Distribution of the Mistletoe Phoradendron leucarpum” Co-authors: Eric Walters, Christopher P. Randle and Lytton Musselman
Michelle Gaynor (Undergraduate Student), University of Central Florida, for the paper “The Influence of Genome Duplication on Brassicaceae and Rosaceae Communities Across the United States” Co-authors: Julienne Ng and Robert Laport


Ecology Section Undergraduate Student Poster Awards
Melissa Vergara, University of California at Santa Cruz, for the poster “Do herbivores prefer flower buds over leaves? Evaluating caterpillar preferences in evening primroses (Onagraceae)” Co-authors: Krissa Skogen, Tania Jogesh and Kathleen Kay
Nic Diaz, Bucknell University, for the poster “Examining niche divergence of cryptic species within the Hawaiian Coprosma foliosa Complex (Rubiaceae)” Co-authors: Jason Cantley and Christopher Martine


Genetics Section Student Presentation Award
Jason Paul Joines, Clemson University, for the poster “Local adaptation to the environment drives genetic variation among populations of an herbaceous plant” Co-authors: Saara J. DeWalt and Joan L. Walker


Tropical Biology Section Student Presentation Award
Manuel A Lujan, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, for the paper “Playing the taxonomic cupid: Matching incomplete species of Clusia (Clusiaceae)
Carlos Jose Pasiche Lisboa, University of Manitoba, for the paper “Elevation and historical events shape moss community traits and functional diversity in Puerto Rico” Co-authors: Catherine M. Hulshof and Ines Sastre-De Jesus


Physiological Section Student Presentation Awards
Jennifer Blake, Rutgers University, for the paper “Sugars, stress, and sex-change: environmental sex determination in striped maple” Co-author: Lena Struwe


Physiological Section Student Poster Awards
Scott M. Warner, Michigan State University, for the paper “A Comparison of Dendroclimatic Relationships in Three Co-Occurring Forest Species in the Context of Climate Change” Co-authors: Andrew M. Jarosz and Frank W. Telewski


Developmental & Structural Section Student Travel Awards
Ya Min, Harvard University - 
Aniket Sengupta, Kansas 


Ecology Section Student Travel Awards
Matthew Haynsen, George Washington University - Advisor, Dr. Keith Crandall - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Population Genetic Analysis of Invasive Kudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata) throughout Asia and the United States Co-authors: Mohammad Vatanparast, Liu Luxian, Fu Cheng-Xin, Keith A. Crandall and Ashley N. Egan
Sarah Augusta Maccracken, Smithsonian Inst. National Museum of Natural History - Advisor, Dr. Conrad Labandeira - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Insect Herbivory of the Kaiparowits Formation Flora, Late Cretacous (Campanian) of Utah" Co-authors: Ian M. Miller, Charles Mitter and Conrad C. Labandeira
Carlos J Pasiche-Lisboa, University of Manitoba - Advisors, Drs. Michele D. Piercey-Normore and Rene Belland - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Survival of fragments from three boreal mosses to extreme temperatures" Co-authors: Rene Belland and Michele D. Piercey-Normore


Genetics Section Student Travel Awards
Matthew Haynsen, George Washington University, for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Population Genetic Analysis of Invasive Kudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata) throughout Asia and the United States" Co-authors: Mohammad Vatanparast, Liu Luxian, Fu Cheng-Xin, Keith A. Crandall and Ashley N. Egan
Aniket Sengupta, Kansas University, for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Searching for more: Antirrhinum corolla symmetry genetic network in carpel development" Co-author: Lena Hileman



Dr. Richard Olmstead
Out-going BSA Past-President, University of Washington
The Botanical Society of America presents a special award to Dr. Olmstead expressing gratitude and appreciation for outstanding contributions and support for the Society. Dick has provided exemplary contributions to the Society in terms of leadership, time, and effort.


Dr. Joseph Armstrong
Out-going Director-at-large for Development, Illinois State University
The Botanical Society of America presents a special award to Dr. Armstrong expressing gratitude and appreciation for outstanding contributions and support for the Society. Joe has provided exemplary contributions to the Society in terms of leadership, time, and effort.


Rebecca Povilus
BSA Student Representative to the Board, Harvard University
The Botanical Society of America presents a special award to Rebecca expressing gratitude and appreciation for outstanding contributions and support for the Society.

The BSA Developing Nations Travel Grants
Francisca Ely, Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela
Eliezer Cocoletzi Vásquez, Instituto de Ecologia, Mexico
Kamal Jit Singh, Panjab University, India
Julián Aguirre-Santoro, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Columbia
Victor Amoroso, Central Mindanao University, Philippines
Natalia Ivalu Cacho, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Emilio Estrada-Ruiz, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico
Caroline Umebese, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Malka Saba, University of Gujrat, Pakistan
Matias Köhler, Universidade Federal do Rio Grade do Sul, Brazil


The BSA Professional Member Travel Grants
Jeremy Coate, Reed College
Linda Hardison, Oregon State University
Nina Baghai-Riding, Delta State University
Robert Baker, University of Wyoming
Catherine Borer, Berry College
Juan Losada, Brown and Harvard Universities
Stanley Rice, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Laura Lagomarsino, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Seana Walsh, National Tropical Botanical Garden
Stephanie Conway, University of Washington