2013 Award Recipients

Botanical Society of America Awards 2013

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 awards provided by the Botanical Society of America. Here we provide recognition for outstanding efforts and contributions to the science of botany. We thank you for your support of these programs.


Given by SECTIONS:


Given by SECTIONS:

Awards for STUDENTS:

Given by SECTIONS:


Awards for Established Scientists

The Botanical Society of America's MERIT AWARD

The Botanical Society of America Merit Award is the highest honor our Society bestows. Each year, the Merit Award Committee solicits nominations, evaluates candidates, and selects those to receive an award. Awardees are chosen based on their outstanding contributions to the mission of our scientific Society. The committee identifies recipients who have demonstrated excellence in basic research, education, public policy, or who have provided exceptional service to the professional botanical community, or who may have made contributions to a combination of these categories. Based on these stringent criteria, the 2013 BSA Merit Award recipients are:

Charles Beck, University of Michigan

Dr. Charles Beck is a distinguished paleontologist who has made remarkable discoveries in the history of land plants.  He discovered that the fern-like leaves of the genus Archaeopteris were in fact borne on a tree (Callixylon) with the anatomy of a gymnosperm.  This supported the viewpoint that seed plants were derived from free-sporing plants, and led to the identification of the progymnosperms, a group now included with gymnosperms and angiosperms in the larger clade, the lignophytes.   One of the people who nominated Dr. Beck for the award quoted Henry Andrews in saying that this discovery “blazed a rough trail through a dark forest where no recognizable path existed before.”  In addition, Dr. Beck is a skilled anatomist. After he “retired” from his position as Professor of Botany at the University of Michigan, he continued research.  In addition, he wrote a textbook, An introduction to plant structure and development, now in its second edition.  Dr. Beck has also served as Chair of his department, Director of the Museum of Paleontology, and as President of the International Organization of Paleobotany, and as Chair of the Paleobotanical Section of the BSA. 

Pat Herendeen, Chicago Botanic Garden
By linking paleontology and neontology, Dr. Patrick Herendeen, Co-Director of the Division of Plant Science and Conservation at the Chicago Botanic Garden, has made significant contributions to our understanding of the evolutionary history of the angiosperms, particularly the Leguminosae.  He has edited three symposium volumes on the family, in addition to producing a steady stream of careful publications on fossil and extant legumes.  In addition to his steady productive research, Dr. Herendeen has developed a truly remarkable career of service to the field of botany.  He has been chair of the Paleobotanical Section of BSA, Editor of the Bibliography of American Paleobotany, and chair of the BSA Publications Committee.  For four years he was Managing Editor of Systematic Botany, and another four years as Editor-in-Chief.  He took over the editorship at a time when the journal was facing considerable challenges; his efforts to steer the journal to calmer waters were largely behind the scenes but ultimately completely successful. Most recently he has become Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Plant Sciences.  In addition, he is in his second term as Program Chair for the ASPT and Systematics Section of BSA, a group that constitutes nearly half the attendees at the annual botany conference each year; thus Pat’s efforts are seen every summer in the success of the annual meeting.  As one of his nominators noted, “…there can be few active and well-respected plant scientists who have given as much service to the Botanical Society of America and to the broader botanical community…”

Lucinda McDade, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Dr. Lucinda McDade is a scholar, teacher, and leader of scientific institutions.  She is currently Director of Research at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, where she has also recently been appointed Executive Director of the Institution.  At RSA she also oversees the herbarium, a post that she previously held at the University of Arizona and at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.  At all three institutions, her energy and dedication were effective in modernization and development of the collections.  At the Academy of Natural Sciences, Dr. McDade was a major force in rehousing the herbarium, thereby securing the collections for generations to come. Dr .McDade has published on a wide range of topics but may be best known for her work on detecting hybridization in phylogenetic analysis, and for her career of studying the systematics of Acanthaceae.  Her research is noted for its care and rigor.  She has also had considerable impact as an educator.  For seven years, she was Scientific Coordinator for the Organization for Tropical Studies and as such coordinated the educational programs in Costa Rica.  In addition, she has taught extensively at the undergraduate and graduate level throughout her career.  In her nomination letter, however, the role that appears again and again is her skill as a mentor to all her colleagues and students.  She has provided encouragement and direction.  One former student noted that “[i]t is Lucinda’s generosity that I am left with …”  Finally, her service to the community has been extensive and varied, with too many contributions to list in this short space.   To quote again from the letter of nomination, “what sets Lucinda apart …. Is her sense of community, and her tireless labor on project that benefit the greater good.”


Charles Edwin Bessey Award (BSA in association with the Teaching Section and Education Committee)
Dr. Shona Ellis, Professor of Teaching and Associate Head of Biology, Botany Department, University of British Columbia (UBC).  Shona has been faculty member in the Botany Department since 1994 teaching courses from Freshman Biology through upper division and graduate-level  Plant Anatomy.  She is active in the scholarship of teaching and learning with numerous publications and presentations both in basic botany (predominantly byrophytes and phytochemistry) and botanical education.  She was twice awarded the Killam teaching award, UBC’s highest teaching commendation, as well as an award from the Society of Canadian Women in Science and Technology for her efforts promoting women in STEM.   She has developed many on-line resources for her courses and for the general public (see http://www.botany.ubc.ca/bryophyte).  In cooperation with the UBC Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth and the Science Centre for Learning and Teaching, she has developed an eportfolio project for students.  As all good teachers, she leads by example - - see her eportfolio at: http://blogs.ubc.ca/shonaellis/.


BSA Corresponding Members Award
Corresponding members are distinguished senior scientists who have made outstanding contributions to plant science and who live and work outside of the United States of America. Corresponding members are nominated by the Council, which reviews recommendations and credentials submitted by members, and elected by the membership at the annual BSA business meeting. Corresponding members have all the privileges of life-time members.
Sir Alan Mark, Department of Botany, University of Otago, New Zealand
Dr. Ulrich Kutschera, Institute of Biology, Universität Kassel, Kassel, German
Dr. Jorge Alejandro López-Portillo Guzmán, Department of Functional Ecology, Instituto de Ecología, A.C. Xalapa, Veracruz, México
Dr. Daniel Piñero, Department of Evolutionary Ecology, Institute of Ecology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México City, Distrito Federal, México
Dr. Tetsukazu Yahara, Department of Botany, Kyushu University, Hakozaki 6-10-1, Fukuoka 812-8581, Japan


Jeanette Siron Pelton Award
The Jeanette Siron Pelton Award is given for sustained and imaginative productivity in the field of experimental plant morphology.
Professor Mitsuyasu Hasebe, National Institute for Basic Biology (Japan)


This award was established in 2006 by Dr. Barbara D. Webster, Grady’s wife, and Dr. Susan V. Webster, his daughter, to honor the life and work of Dr. Grady L. Webster. The American Society of Plant Taxonomists and the Botanical Society of America are pleased to join together in honoring Grady Webster.

Drs. Jessica M. Budke, Bernard Goffinet, and Cynthia S. Jones
The cuticle on the gametophyte calyptra matures before the sporophyte cuticle in the moss Funaria hygrometrica (Funariaceae)
American Journal of Botany, 2012, 99(1): 14-22


Given By the Sections

Margaret Menzel Award (Genetics Section)
The Margaret Menzel Award is presented by the Genetics Section for the outstanding paper presented in the contributed papers sessions of the annual meetings.
This year’s award goes to Dr. Ingrid Jordon-Thaden, University of Florida, for the paper “Differential gene expression and loss in two natural and synthetic allotetraploid Tragopogon species (Asteraceae) and their diploid progenitors" Co-authors: Lyderson Viccini, Richard Buggs, Michael Chester, Ana Veruska Cruz Da Silva, Srikar Chamala, Ruth Davenport, Wei Wu, Patrick S. Schnable, W. Brad Barbazuk, Douglas Soltis and Pamela Soltis


George R. Cooley Award (Systematics Section and the American Society of Plant Taxonomists)
George R. Cooley award for best contributed paper in plant systematics. The ASPT's Cooley Award is given for the best paper in systematics given at the annual meeting by a botanist in the early stages of his/her career. Awards are made to members of ASPT who are graduate students or within 5 years of their post-doctoral careers. The Cooley Award is given for work judged to be substantially complete, synthetic and original. First authorship required; graduate students or those within 5 years of finishing their Ph.D. are eligible; must be a member of ASPT at time of abstract submission; only one paper judged per candidate.
This year's award was given to Ricardo Kriebel of the New York Botanical Garden for the talk entitled “Phylogenetic study of Conostegia demonstrates the utility of anatomical and continuous characters in the sytematics of the Melastomataceae". Co-author: Fabian Michelangeli


A. J. Sharp Award (Bryological and Lichenological Section)
The A.J. Sharp Award is presented each year by the American Bryological and Lichenological Society and the Bryological and Lichenological Section for the best student presentation. The award, named in honor of the late Jack Sharp, encourages student research on bryophytes and lichens.
This year’s A.J. Sharp Award goes to Matthew Nelsen, University of Chicago, for his paper "Lichen-associated algae: we hardly know you." Co-author: Steven D. Leavitt


Edgar T. Wherry Award (Pteridological Section and the American Fern Society)
The Edgar T. Wherry Award is given for the best paper presented during the contributed papers session of the Pteridological Section. This award is in honor of Dr. Wherry’s many contributions to the floristics and patterns of evolution in ferns.
This year’s award goes to Sally Stevens , Purdue University, for her paper; "No Place Like Home? Testing for Local Adaptation and Dispersal Limitation in the Fern Vittaria appalachiana (Vittariaceae)" Co-author: Nancy Emery


Lawrence Memorial Award
The Lawrence Memorial Fund was established at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, to commemorate the life and achievements of its founding director, Dr. George H. M. Lawrence. Proceeds from the Fund are used to make an annual Award in the amount of $2000 to a doctoral candidate to support travel for dissertation research in systematic botany or horticulture, or the history of the plant sciences.
The recipient of the Award is selected from candidates nominated by their major professors. Nominees may be from any country and the Award is made strictly on the basis of merit - the recipient's general scholarly promise and significance of the research proposed. The Award Committee includes representatives from the Hunt Institute, The Hunt Foundation, the Lawrence family, and the botanical community.
The Lawrence Memorial Award for 2013 goes to Aleksandar Radosavljevic, student of Dr. Patrick Herendeen of the Chicago Botanical Garden and Northwestern University. The proceeds of the award will help support his travel for field and collections-based work in integrative research study of the genus Cynometra.


BSA Public Policy Award
The Public Policy Award was established in 2012
Kathryn Ann Lecroy, University of Pittsburgh
Lindsey Tuominen


Awards for STUDENTS:

The BSA Graduate Student Research Award including the J. S. Karling Award
The BSA Graduate Student Research Awards support graduate student research and are made on the basis of research proposals and letters of recommendations. Withing the award group is the Karling Graduate Student Research Award. This award was instituted by the Society in 1997 with funds derived through a generous gift from the estate of the eminent mycologist, John Sidney Karling (1897-1994), and supports and promotes graduate student research in the botanical sciences. The 2012 award recipients are:
J. S. Karling Graduate Student Research Award
Gregory W. Stull, Florida Museum of Natural History and the University of Florida - Advisor, Dr. Pamela S. Soltis, Integrating genomic, morphological, and fossil data for phylogenetic and biogeographic reconstruction in the basal lamiid family Icacinaceae
BSA Graduate Student Research Awards
Rafael E. Arévalo B., University of Wisconsin-Madison - Advisor, Dr. Kenneth M. Cameron, PHYLOGENY, FLOWER MICRO-MORPHOLOGY, AND FLORAL FRAGRANCES IN MORMOLYCA (ORCHIDACEAE)
Angelita Ashbacher, University of California Santa Cruz - Advisor, Dr. Laurel R. Fox, Effects of climate change on California wildflower community composition: The role of plant-pollinator interactions
John H. Chau, University of Washington - Advisor, Dr. Richard Olmstead, Molecular phylogenetics, inflorescence evolution, and historical biogeography in the genus Buddleja L. (Scrophulariaceae)
Hanna E. Dorman, Mississippi State University - Advisor, Dr. Lisa Wallace, Geographical variation in rhizobia associated with the Partridge Pea, Chamaecrista fasciculata (Fabaceae)
M. Kate Gallagher, University of California, Irvine - Advisor, Dr. Diane Campbell, Global climate change induced shifts in abiotic resources may alter pollination success: A test with Mertensia ciliata (Boraginaceae)
Richard Hodel, University of Florida - Advisors, Drs. Pamela and Douglas Soltis, Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of Neo-tropical Mangroves (Avicennia germinans, Laguncularia racemosa and Rhizophora mangle)
Susan Yvonne Jaconis, University of Cincinnati - Advisor, Dr. Theresa M. Culley, Susceptibility of Plants to Diesel-Generated Particulate Matter in the Environment: Effects on Plant Growth, Ecophysiology and Reproduction
Carrie Kiel, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden/Claremont Graduate University - Advisor, Dr. Lucinda A. McDade, Pollinator Mediated Trait Evolution and Floral Diversification of Neotropical Justicia (Acanthaceae)
Rob Massatti, University of Michigan - Advisor, Dr. Tony Reznicek, Montane plant diversification on a continental scale: A dynamic barrier’s influence on the montane floras of Asia and North America
Kelly Matsunaga, Humboldt State University - Advisor, Dr. Alexandru M.F. Tomescu, The Beartooth Butte Formation flora of Wyoming: A window into Early Devonian plant diversity and basal lycopsid evolution
Theresa Melhem, Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden - Advisor, Dr. Nyree Zerega, The Diversity and Origins of Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus, Lam.) in the Western of Ghats of India
Diego F. Morales-Briones, University of Idaho - Advisor, Dr. David C. Tank, Phylogeny and systematics of the genus Lachemilla (Rosaceae) in the Andes
Meagan F. Oldfather, University of California, Berkeley - Advisor, Dr. David Ackerly, Demographic stability in the trailing edge of a California alpine species
Audrey C. Ragsac, University of Washington - Advisor, Dr. Richard Olmstead, Is it easier to move or evolve? Assessing the role of biome conservatism in Bignoniaceae diversification
Angela J. Rein, Oklahoma State University - Advisor, Dr. Mark Fishbein, Enigmatic Non-Twining Vines: Evolution and Systematics of Matelea subgenus Chthamalia (Gonolobinae, Apocynaceae)
Marisol Sánchez-García, University of Tennessee - Advisor, Dr. Edward E. Schilling, Systematics and evolution of the tribe Leucopaxilleae (Fungi: Agaricales)
Brandon T. Sinn, Ohio State University - Advisor, Dr. John V. Freudenstein, Species of A New Generation: The Integration of Next Generation Sequencing, Morphological and Distributional Data for Species Discovery, Delimitation, and Reproductive Biology Characterization
Sally Marie Stevens, Purdue University - Advisor, Dr. Nancy C. Emery, Testing for Local Adaptation and Dispersal Limitation in a Plant Species Endemic to the Appalachian Mountains
Maria Wang, Northwestern University and Chicago Botanic Garden - Advisor, Dr. Nyree Zerega, THE DIVERSITY AND ORIGINS OF CHEMPEDAK (Artocarpus integer, Moraceae)


Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Awards (BSA in association with the Developmental and Structural Section)
This award was named in honor of the memory and work of Dr. Vernon I. Cheadle.
Sarangi Athukorala, University of Manitoba - Advisor: Dr. Michele Piercey-Normore - Botany 2013 presentation: Quantitative comparison of morphology and gene expression of Cladonia rangiferina during the interaction with compatible and incompatible algae" Co-authors, E. Huebner and M.D. Piercey-Normore
Julien Massoni, University Paris Sud - Advisor: Hervé Sauquet - Botany 2013 presentation: "Fossil calibration of Magnoliidae: thorough background research significantly improves reliability of molecular age estimates" Co-authors, Maria von Balthazar, Laetitia Carrive,Thomas Couvreur, Juerg Schoenenberger, Yannick Staedler and Hervé Sauquet
Kelly Matsunaga, Humboldt State University - Advisor: Dr. Alexandru M.F. Tomescu - Botany 2013 presentation: "Early Devonian Drepanophycus from the Beartooth Butte Formation of Wyoming" Co-author, Alexandru M.F. Tomescu
Stephanie Ranks, University of California, Berkeley - Advisor: Dr. Cindy Looy - Botany 2013 presentation: "Autorotating winged seeds: what they tell us about tree height in extant and fossil conifers" Co-authors, Dori Contreras, Charles R. Marshall and Cindy V Looy


Triarch "Botanical Images" Student Travel Awards
This award provides acknowledgement and travel support to BSA meetings for outstanding student work coupling digital images (botanical) with scientific explanations/descriptions designed for the general public.
Ricardo Kriebel, New York Botanical Garden - 1st Place, On the unusual floral ways of highland small flowered Melastomataceae as exemplified by Miconia arboricola, $500 Botany 2013 Student Travel Award
Meriel Melendrezk, University of California, Berkeley - 2nd Place, Beautiful Strangler, $250 Botany 2013 Student Travel Award
Jeff Benca, University of California, Berkeley - 3rd Place, Where Red Ferns Grow, $150 Botany 2013 Student Travel Award


Michael Cichan Award (Paleobotanical Section)
This award was named in honor of the memory and work of Michael A Cichan, who died in a plane crash in August of 1987 and was established to encourage work by young researchers at the interface of structural and evolutionary botany. This award is given to a young scholar for a paper published during the previous year in the fields of evolutionary and/or structural botany.
The Michael Cichan Award for 2013 is presented to Anne-Laure Decombeix, French National Center for Scientific Resaerch at UMR AMAP Montpellier, for the paper titled: "The origins and early evolution of the megaphylous leaf," International Journal of Plant Sciences 171"641-661


Isabel Cookson Award (Paleobotanical Section)
Established in 1976, the Isabel Cookson Award recognizes the best student paper presented in the Paleobotanical Section
Dori Contreras from the University of California-Berkeley, is the 2013 award recipient for the paper entitled, “New data on the structure and phylogenetic position of an extinct Cretaceous redwood, Co-authors: Garland Upchurch and Greg Mack


Katherine Esau Award (Developmental and Structural Section)
This award was established in 1985 with a gift from Dr. Esau and is augmented by ongoing contributions from Section members. It is given to the graduate student who presents the outstanding paper in developmental and structural botany at the annual meeting.
This year’s award goes to Luke Nikolov, from Harvard University, for the paper “Developmental origins of the world’s largest flowers.” Co-authors: Peter Endress, M Sugumaran, Sawitree Sasirat, Suyanee Vessabutr, Elena Kramer and Charles Davis .


Maynard Moseley Award (Paleobotanical and Developmental and Structural Sections)
The Maynard F. Moseley Award was established in 1995 to honor a career of dedicated teaching, scholarship, and service to the furtherance of the botanical sciences. Dr. Moseley, known to his students as “Dr. Mo”, died Jan. 16, 2003 in Santa Barbara, CA, where he had been a professor since 1949. He was widely recognized for his enthusiasm for and dedication to teaching and his students, as well as for his research using floral and wood anatomy to understand the systematics and evolution of angiosperm taxa, especially waterlilies. (PSB, Spring, 2003). The award is given to the best student paper, presented in either the Paleobotanical or Developmental and Structural sessions, that advances our understanding of plant structure in an evolutionary context.
Robert A. Stevenson, from University of California - Berkeley, is the 2013 Moseley Award recipient for his paper "Flight of the conifers: Reconstruction of the flight characteristics of Paleozoic winged conifer seeds" Co-authors: Dennis Evangelista and Cindy V Looy


Samuel L. Postlethwait Award(Teaching Section)
The Samuel L. Postlethwait Award is given by the Teaching Section of the BSA for outstanding service to botanical education. 
This year’s award goes to Dr. James Wandersee , Louisiana State University


The BSA Undergraduate Student Research Awards
The BSA Undergraduate Student Research Awards support undergarduate student research and are made on the basis of research proposals and letters of recommendation. The 2012 award recipients are:
Gemma Dugan, Bucknell University - Advisor, Dr. Chris Martine, Insect selection of dioecious Australian Solanum
Anna Freundlich, Bucknell University - Advisor, Dr. Chris Martine, Effects of Invasive Species on Riparian Communities in the Susquehanna
Alexandra Boni, Bucknell University - Advisor, Dr. Chris Martine, Genetic variation within and among populations of dioecious Solanum in Northern Australia
Margarita Hernandez, University of Florida - Advisor, Dr. Pamela S. Soltis, Phylogeny Reconstruction and Character Mapping in Leptosiphon
Caitlin Maraist, Portland State University - Advisor, Dr. Mitch Cruzan, Phenotypic plasticity in functional traits related to water use between native and invasive populations of Brachypodium sylvaticum (false brome)
Theresa Ann Barosh, Willamette University - Advisors, Dr. Susan Kephart and Kathryn Theiss, Herbivory and Pollination: Examining the relationship between galling and pollinator visitation in Camassia (Agavaceae)


Developmental & Structural Section Student Travel Awards
Abigail Mazie, University of Wisconsin-Madison - Advisor, Dr. David Baum - Botany 2013 presentation: "Understanding cell shape diversity: the evolution of stellate trichomes in Physaria (Brassicaceae)" Co-author: David Baum
Adrian Dauphinee, Dalhousie University - Advisor, Dr. Arunika Gunawardena - Botany 2013 presentation: "Comparison of the early developmental morphologies of Aponogeton madagascariensis and Aponogeton boivinianus" Co-authors: Christian Lacroix and Arunika Gunawardena
Lachezar Nikolov, Harvard University - Advisor, Dr. Charles Davis - Botany 2013 presentation: "Developmental origins of the world’s largest flowers" Co-authors: Peter Endress, M Sugumaran, Sawitree Sasirat, Suyanee Vessabutr, Elena Kramer and Charles Davis
Li-Fen Hung, National Taiwan University - Advisor, Dr. Ling-Long Kuo-Huang - Botany 2013 presentation: "The growth strain and anatomical characteristics of tension wood in artificially inclined seedlings of Koelreuteria henryi Dummer" Co-author: Ling-Long Kuo-Huang
Bhawana Bhawana, Middle Tennessee State University - Advisor, Dr. Aubrey B. Cahoon - Botany 2013 presentation: "Visualization of 3-Dimensional Plant Cell Architecture with FIB-SEM" Co-authors: Joyce Miller and Aubrey Cahoon


Developmental & Structural Section Best Student Poster Award
Katie Downing, Eastern Michigan University, for the poster “A S.E.M. survey of Carnivorous North American Purple Pitcher Plant Leaves, Sarracenia purpurea (Sarraceniaceae)” Co-author: Margaret Hanes


Ecology Section Undergraduate Student Presentation Award
Jenna Annis, Eastern Illinois University, for the paper “Seed Ecology of Federally Threatened Pinguicula ionantha (Godfrey's Butterwort)” Co-authors: Jennifer O'Brien, Janice Coons, Brenda Molano-Flores and Samantha Primer
Nia Johnson, Howard University, for the poster “Herbivory Response of Murgantia histrionica to a Ni-hyperaccumulator, Alyssum murale” Co-authors: Chandler Puritty, and Mary McKenna
Chandler Puritty, Howard University, for the poster “Herbivory Response of Murgantia histrionica to a Ni-hyperaccumulator, Alyssum murale” Co-authors: Nia Johnson, and Mary McKenna


Ecology Section Graduate Student Presentation Award
Ian Jones, Florida International University, for the paper “Temporal and developmental changes in extrafloral nectar production in Senna mexicana var. chapmanii: is extrafloral nectar an inducible defense?


Ecology Section Student Poster Award
Jordan Ahee , Trent University, for the poster “Evidence of restricted pollen dispersal in Typha latifolia” Co-authors: Marcel Dorken and Wendy Van Drunen


Ecology Section Student Travel Awards
Melissa Ha, University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Advisor, Dr. Lynn Adler, for the paper “Pollinator-mediated interactions between Clarkia unguiculata and its neighbors are context-dependent” Co-author: Christopher T. Iveyr
Robert Harbert, Cornell University - Advisor, Dr. Kevin Nixon, for the paper “Climate niche, invasiveness, and allopolyploidy: The case of perennial Glycine (Leguminosae)” Co-author: Jeff Doyle

Economic Botany Section Student Travel Awards
Taylor Nelson, Weber State university - Advisor, Dr. Sue Harley, for the paper “Survey for helenalin among Utah Asteraceae species
Sushil Paudyal, Old Dominion University - Advisor, Dr. Govind P. S. Ghimire, for the paper “Plants used in religious ceremonies by Tharu culture in Dang Valley (Nepal)

Genetics Section Student Poster Award
Meng Wu, Miami University, for the poster “The investigation on protein evolution of Y chromosome in Carica papaya” Co-author: Richard Moore


Genetics Section Student Research Awards
Genetics Section Student Research Awards provide $500 for research funding and an additional $500 for attendance at a future BSA meeting.
Richard Hodel, University of Florida - Graduate Student Award - Advisors: Drs. Douglas and Pamela Soltis, for the proposal titled "Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of Neo-tropical Mangroves (Avicennia germinans, Laguncularia racemosa and Rhizophora mangle)"
Sandra Mardonovich, Miami University - Masters Student Award - Advisor: Dr. Richard C. Moore for the proposal titled "Investigation of natural populations of Carica papaya’s morphological and genetic structure throughout Mesoamerica"


Genetics Section Student Travel Awards
Daniel Gates, University of Nebraska - Advisor, Dr. Stacey Smith, for the paper “Anthocyanin regulating MYB transcription factor evolution in four Solanaceous species” Co-author: Stacey Smith
Christine McAllister, Saint Louis University - Advisor, Dr. Allison Miller, for the paper “Environmental Correlates of Cytotype Diversity in Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii)” Co-authors: Russell Blaine, Paul Kron, Brent Bennett, Anna Glotzbach, Jennifer Kidson, Heidi Garrett, Blanda Matzenbacher and Allison Miller


Physiological Section Li-Cor Prize
Samuel Del Rio, California State University - Bakersfield, for the paper “Hydraulic conductance is coordinated at the leaf and stem levels among chaparral shrubs” Co-authors: Christine Hluza, Evan D. MacKinnon, Jeffrey Parker and R. Pratt


Physiological Section Best Student Paper Award
Kerri Mocko, University of Connecticut - Advisor, Dr. Cynthia Jones, for the paper “Physiological responses to drought reflect phylogenetic history in South African Pelargoniums (Geraniaceae)” Co-author: Cynthia Jones


Physiological Section Best Student Poster
Robert “Berto” Griffin-Nolan, Ithaca College - Advisor, Dr. Peter Melcher, for the poster “The physiological responses of moss to greenlight” Co-author: Peter Melcher
Marta Percolla, California State University, Bakersfield - Advisor, Dr. Brandon Pratt, for the poster “Reduced number of vessel connections is positively associated with greater cavitation resistance to water stress in chaparral shrubs” Co-authors: R. Pratt, Anna Jacobsen and Michael Tobin


Pteridological Section & American Fern Society Student Travel Awards
Anthony Baniaga, University of Arizona - Advisor, Dr. Mike Barker, for the paper “Genomics of Allopolyploidy and Hybridization in Selaginella subg. Tetragonostachys” Co-authors: Nils Arrigo and Michael Barker
Laura Klein, Saint Louis University - Advisor, Dr. R. James Hickey, for the paper “Morphology and Introgressive Hybridization in North American Diphasiastrum
Fernando Matos, New York Botanical Garden - Advisor, Dr. Robbin C. Moran, for the paper “Systematic Studies of Elaphoglossum section Polytrichia (Dryopteridaceae)” Co-author: Robbin Moran
Tai-Chung Wu, National Taiwan University - Advisor, Dr. Wen-Yuan Kao, for the poster “Stomatal response in leaves of Marsilea crenata, an amphibious fern” Co-author: Wen-Yuan Kao


Southeastern Section - Association of Southeastern Biologists 2013 Poster/Paper Awards
Best Paper Award $300 - Ryan Dorkoski, Ohio University - presentation:
"The consequences of acid rain deposition on fine-root biomass in temperate deciduous forest soils in southwestern Ohio."
Best Poster Award $300 - Anastasia Woodard, Arkansas State University - presentation:
"A Prickly Pear's Cry Decoded: Characterization of Plant Volatiles Released by Opuntia humifusa (Cactaceae) in response to Native and Newly-Associated Cactus Boring Moth Herbivory (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)."


Tropical Biology Section Best Student Paper Award
Beyte Barrios Roque, Florida International University, for the paper “Herbivory in fragmented populations of the Pineland golden trumpet (Angadenia berteroi)” Co-authors: Andrea Salas and Suzanne Koptur
Laura Lagomarsino, Harvard University, for the paper “Of Bats, Birds, and Berries: Phylogeny and Evolution of the Species-Rich Neotropical Lobelioids (Campanulaceae)” Co-author: Charles Davis
Melissa Johnson, Claremont Graduate University, for the paper “Evolution of reproductive barriers within a non-adaptive hyper-species-rich radiation of Hawaiian Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae)” Co-author: Elizabeth Stacy


The BSA Young Botanist Awards
The purpose of these awards are to offer individual recognition to outstanding graduating seniors in the plant sciences and to encourage their participation in the Botanical Society of America. The 2013 "Certificate of Special Achievement" award recipients are:
John T. Bickel, Advisor: Dr. Conley K. McMullen, James Madison University
Hillary M. Karbowski, Advisor: Dr. Anna K. Monfils, Central Michigan University
M. Madeleine Ray, Advisor: Dr. Jared L. DeForest, Ohio University
Krystal Payne, Advisor: Dr. J. Christopher Havran, Campbell University
Jaclyn Parker, Advisor: Dr. Ron Deckert, Weber State University
Emily Becks, Advisor: Dr. Pamela S. Soltis, University of Florida
Maria Beatriz Cortez, Advisor: Dr. Pamela S. Soltis, University of Florida
Tyler McCann, Advisor: Dr. Pamela S. Soltis, University of Florida
Laurel Hoffman, Advisor: Dr. A. Mihail Tomescu, Humboldt State University
Casey A. Jones, Advisor: Dr. Don Drake, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Dylan Davis, Advisor: Dr. Don Drake, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Talaya Rachels, Advisor: Dr. Don Drake, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Kobey Tokigawa, Advisor: Dr. Don Drake, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Arianna C. Goodman, Advisor: Dr. Michael J. Moore, Oberlin College
Spencer Wight, Advisor: Dr. Michael J. Moore, Oberlin College
Lila Leatherman, Advisor: Dr. Michael J. Moore, Oberlin College
Rebecca Mostow, Advisor: Dr. Michael J. Moore, Oberlin College
Jacob Edwards, Advisor: Dr. Joseph H. Williams, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Adam Ramsey, Advisor: Dr. Joseph H. Williams, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Teresa M. Byrd, Advisor: Dr. Susan R. Kephart, Willamette University
Erin Banks Rusby, Advisor: Dr. Susan R. Kephart, Willamette University
Anne Kathleen Johnson, Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Pryer, Duke University
Stephanie Fong, Advisor: Dr. Ann M. Hirsch, University of California, Los Angeles


The BSA PLANTs Grant Recipients
The PLANTS (Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists): Increasing the diversity of plant scientists) program recognizes outstanding undergraduates from diverse backgrounds and provides travel grants and mentoring for these students.
Richard Shawn Abrahams, University of Florida, Advisor: Dr. Stuart McDaniel
Dayvis Blasini, Northern Illinois University, Advisor: Dr. Pamela Geddes
Laquita Bolden, Cleveland State University, Advisor: Dr. Modney
Bianca Bonilla, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Bradley Bennett
Joyce Chery, Cornell University, Advisor: Dr. Melissa Luckow
Jessel Gutierrez, Texas A&M International University, Advisor: University, Dr. Jim Cohen
Elizabeth McWilliams, Oregon State University, Advisor: Dr. Richard Halse
Livingstone Nganga, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Advisor: Bethany K. Zolman
Angelica Nunez, University of California-Riverside, Advisor: Dr. Louis Santiago
Crista O'Conner, University of Idaho, Advisor: Dr. David Tank
Anthony Parson, Humboldt State University, Advisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Bolman
Hevony Rodriguez, Texas A&M International University, Advisor: Dr. Jim Cohen
Angel Rogers, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Hemayut Ullah
De Ana Smalls, Howard University, Advisor: Dr. Hemayut Ullah
David Sycle II, Central Michigan University, Advisor: Dr. Brad Swanson