Student Members at BSA

The Botanical Society of America (BSA) is the professional home for botanists and plant scientists and supports the breadth and diversity of botanical research and education.

BSA is dedicated to supporting students with:

  • Affordable student membership rates of only $25 per year or $60 for 3 years.
  • One- or three-year gift memberships which can be purchased for students. 
  • Student-specific awards for research as well as travel support for the annual Botany Conference.
  • Special student programming at the annual Botany Conference.
  • Student representatives in leadership positions on many of the BSA committees.
  • Two Student Representatives who serve on the BSA Board each year.
  • A dedicated student channel on BSA Slack.
  • The Botany and Beyond: PLANTS III pathway program which provides an immersive mentored experience for a diverse cohort of undergraduate PLANTS Scholars attending the BOTANY conference.
  • Student Chapters, where students are encouraged to start or join student-led university botany clubs.
  • Free student access to BSA Sectional Affiliations, where students are invited to join one or more section to collaborate with BSA members that share specific interests or research topics. Many sections provide awards and grants specific to their members as well as tailored programs at Botany Conferences.
  • Special Student eNewsletters which are published by the BSA Student Representatives several times a year.
  • The BSA Spotlight Series, where students can be nominated, or nominate themselves, to this program which highlights early career scientists each month.
  • The Early Career Advisory Board (ECAB), a group of early-career botanists who advise the editors of Society publications.


Becoming a student member is easy and affordable!

  • To get started click here and, if a new member, choose "Join the Society for the very first time".
  • Create a BotanyID and Password
  • Choose one of the student membership categories: Student, 3-Year Student Membership, Student Family, or Student with Chapter Membership
  • Look through the Sectional Affiliations, join as many as you would like at no cost.
  • Fill out all of the other online membership form pages and after making your payment make sure to continue on through the confirmation pages until you see a "Thank You" message.
  • There are a limited amount of free student memberships that are available for students who require financial assistance. Email if you need that assistance.
  • Gift memberships can also be purchased for students for $20. Often an advisor or other professional will purchase gift memberships for their students. 


Benefits for being a BSA member can be found here (aqui en español) and include:

  • Online access to the American Journal of Botany, Applications in Plant Sciences, and the Plant Science Bulletin
  • Discounts for publishing in Society journals
  • Reduced registration rates to the annual Botany Conference
  • Monthly members' newsletter, Membership Matters


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