The Paleobotanical Section of the Botanical Society of America Award for Contributions to Paleobotany

Criteria: The criteria can include: contributions to paleobotany, service or outstanding scholarship. The award does not have to be given every year, but can be yearly as needed. Typically only one per year is to be awarded, but more could be available in exceptional circumstances. Only members of the Paleobotanical Section are eligible for the award.

Nomination Process:
1. A call for submissions will be issued by the Secretary/Treasurer with the September Paleobotanical Newsletter.

2. Nominations will consist of an up to one page letter of recommendation.

3. Nominations are due to the Paleobotanical section Secretary/Treasurer by 1 February of the following year.

4. If more than one nomination is received, a committee will be formed by the Section Chair to decide recipients of the award.

5. The nominee does not need to be present to receive the award, however weight will be given to nomination if the nominator will be present to read the recommendation at the Business Meeting.

6. The award, which includes a plaque, will be given at the Annual Business Meeting.

2017 - Dr. Gar Rothwell, Oregon State University

2012 - Dr. Thomas N. Taylor, University of Kansas

2011 - Dr. Alan Graham, Missouri Botanical Garden

2010 - Drs. Shya Chitaley and David Dilcher

2009 - Dr. Aureal Cross