Ecological Section Student Travel Awards


For 2024, the Ecological Section will be providing 2 travel awards in the amount of $500 to students that submit an abstract under any of the Ecological topics. The purpose of these awards is to support students' attendance and their presentations at BOTANY 2024. Only full applications will be considered for the award.

This award is now open!

Deadline March 15, 2024 (Noon Central Time)

Current BSA members can access the awards portal by clicking here and logging in with your BotanyID/Password. Once signed in, click on the "BOTANY 2024 - Ecological Section Student Travel Award" link and you should see a blue button that says "+ Create New Nomination" at the bottom if your login was successful. 

Please feel free to email with any questions about the award and application process. 


No awards given in 2020


Natalie Love, University of California, Santa Barbara, Advisor: Dr. Susan Mazer, For the Presentation: A new phenological metric for use in pheno-climatic models: a case study using herbarium specimens of Streptanthus tortuosus Co-authors: Isaac Park, Susan Mazer

Kristin Peach, University of California, Santa Barbara, Advisor: Dr. Susan Mazer, for the Presentation: Rethinking floral attraction: sexual dimorphism in Clarkia unguiculata Co-author: Susan Mazer

Meera Lee Sethi, University of Washington, Seattle, Advisor: Janneke Hille Ris Lambers, For the Presentation: Higher, Faster, Hungrier: Complex Dynamics of a Subalpine Plant-Insect Herbivore Interaction Co-author: Janneke HilleRisLambers

Tanisha Williams, University of Connecticut, Advisor: Dr. Kent Holsinger, For the Presentaion: Using species distribution models to assess the impacts contemporary and forecasted climate change has on the distribution patterns of Pelargonium species throughout South Africa Co-authors: Carl Schlichting, kent Holsinger



Francesco Martini, Guangxi University, Advisor: Dr. Uromi Goodale, For the Presentation: Forest regeneration in a subtropical forest: factors shaping seedling community along elevation Co-authors: Chelsea R. Smith, Jordan Teisher


Matthew Haynsen, George Washington University - Advisor, Dr. Keith Crandall - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Population Genetic Analysis of Invasive Kudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata) throughout Asia and the United States Co-authors: Mohammad Vatanparast, Liu Luxian, Fu Cheng-Xin, Keith A. Crandall and Ashley N. Egan

Sarah Augusta Maccracken, Smithsonian Inst. National Museum of Natural History - Advisor, Dr. Conrad Labandeira - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Insect Herbivory of the Kaiparowits Formation Flora, Late Cretacous (Campanian) of Utah" Co-authors: Ian M. Miller, Charles Mitter and Conrad C. Labandeira

Carlos J Pasiche-Lisboa, University of Manitoba - Advisors, Drs. Michele D. Piercey-Normore and Rene Belland - for the Botany 2017 presentation: "Survival of fragments from three boreal mosses to extreme temperatures" Co-authors: Rene Belland and Michele D. Piercey-Normore


No Ecological Section Student Travel Award was awarded in 2016

Laura Bogar, Stanford University - Advisor, Dr. Kabir G. Peay - for the Botany 2015 presentation: "What stabilizes the ectomycorrhizal mutualism? An experimental test of partner choice by Pinus muricata in association with Suillus brevipes." Co-author: Kabir G. Peay

Eric Limbird, Middle Tennessee State University - Advisor, Dr. Jeffrey Walck - for the Botany 2015 presentation: "Freeze-thaw effects on seed viability, seed germination and seedling survivorship vary among exotic and native woody plants" Co-authors: JL Walck, NC Phillips and Siti Hidayati

Rachel Germain, University Of Toronto - Advisor, Dr. Benjamin Gilbert - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "Hidden responses to environmental variation: maternal effects reveal species niche dimensions" Co-author: Benjamin Gilbert

Jessica Peebles Spencer, Miami University - Advisor, Dr. David L. Gorchov - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "Effects of the Invasive Shrub, Lonicera maackii, and a Generalist Herbivore, White-tailed Deer, on Forest Floor Plant Community Composition" Co-author: David L. Gorchov

Melissa Ha, University of Massachusetts, Amherst - Advisor, Dr. Lynn Adler, for the paper “Pollinator-mediated interactions between Clarkia unguiculata and its neighbors are context-dependent” Co-author: Christopher T. Iveyr

Robert Harbert, Cornell University - Advisor, Dr. Kevin Nixon, for the paper “Climate niche, invasiveness, and allopolyploidy: The case of perennial Glycine (Leguminosae)” Co-author: Jeff Doyle

Roxaneh Khorsand Rosa, Florida International University - Advisor, Dr. Suzanne Koptur, for the paper “Floral biology and pollination of an agroforestry palm, Mauritia flexuosa: why field observations are not enough!” Co-authors: Reinaldo Imbrozio Barbosa and Suzanne Koptur

George Meindl, University of Pittsburgh - Advisor, Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman, for the paper “Edaphic factors and plant-animal interactions: cascading effects of serpentine soils” Co-author: Tia-Lynn Ashman

Rupesh Kariyat, Pennsylvania State University - Advisor, Dr. Andrew Stephenson - Botany 2011 presentation: "Volatile mediated indirect defense signaling is disrupted by inbreeding and genetic variation in Horsenettle (Solanum carolinense L) ." Co-author: Andrew Stephenson

Benjamin VanderWeide, Kansas State University - Advisor, Dr. David C. Hartnett - Botany 2011 presentation: "Mark-recapture analysis of herbarium data from the northern Flint Hills of Kansas, USA." Co-authors: Brett Sandercock and Carolyn Ferguson

Tanya Cheeke, Portland State University, Portland, OR - Advisor, Dr. Mitchell B. Cruzan - Botany 2010 presentation: "Transgenic Bt maize: An evaluation of nine different Bt maize isolines on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi."

Keith Bowman, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY - Advisor, Dr. Dr. Robin Kimmerer - Botany 2010 presentation: "The influence of the diaspore (propagule) bank and diaspore rain on bryophyte (moss) community composition in northern white cedar swamps" and "Bringing mosses into the K-12 classroom."

Kelsey L. Dunnell, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND - Advisor, Dr. Steven E. Travers - Botany 2009 presentation: "Early flowering of plants in the Northern Great Plains linked to increasing spring temperatures over 100 years."

Amanda M. Kenney , University of Texas, Austin, TX- Advisor, Dr. Thomas E. Juenger - Botany 2009 presentation: "Selection on water-use efficiency (WUE) in Ipomopsis aggregata - an analysis of the functional relationships among WUE, other ecological traits, and fitness."

Katie Becklin, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO - Advisor, Dr. Candace Galen - Botany 2008 presentation: "The good, the bad, and the costly: Effects of shading and drought on the costs and benefits of mycorrhizae."

Jocelyn Campbell, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC - Advisor, Dr. Cindy Prescott - Botany 2008 presentation: "Expanding the realized niche for cyanolichens in wet-temperate forests of interior British Columbia."

Andrew Simpson, California State University, Chico, CA - Advisor, Dr. Kristina A. Schierenbeck - Botany 2008 presentation: "Multiple causal factors influence propagule size gradients in Arctostaphylos (Ericaceae)."

Meghan Skaer, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA - Advisor, Dr. Hall Cushman - Botany 2008 presentation: "Evaluating the Effects of Cattle Grazing on a Coastal Prairie in Central California."

Rebecca Anderson, Illinois State University, Advisor: Dr. Diane L. Byers for her Botany 2006 presentation entitled: "Selection and Adaptation in Heterogeneous Soil Nutrient Environments".

John Geiger, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Koptur for his Botany 2007 presentation entitled: "Experimental seed and seedling performance of the endangered vine Ipomoea microdactyla Griseb. (Convolvulaceae).".

Daniel Hewins, Rider University, Advisor: Dr. Laura A. Hyatt for his Botany 2007 presentation entitled: "Jack of All Trades: Biological Invasion Facilitated By Use of Multiple forms of Nitrogen".

Cassandra Boadway, Grand Valley State University, Advisor: Dr. Gary Greer for her Botany 2007 presentation entitled: "Growth and Nodulation in Trifolium repens and Glycine max in Response to Ailanthus altissima Extracts".

Marissa Jernegan, Eastern Illinois University, Advisor: Dr. Janice Coons for her Botany 2006 presentation entitled: "Seed Longevity of Lesquerella ludoviciana, an Endangered Species of the Illinois Sand Prairie".