Genetics Section Poster Presentation Award

Award Recipients:


No Awards Given 2020-2022


Richard Field, University of Georgia for his poster: In search of the regulatory basis of crassulaceaen acid metabolism (CAM): a comparative genomics approach in three species of Yucca L. Co-authors: Karolina Heyduck, Jim Leebens-Mack

Robert Auber, For the Presentation: Identifying gene candidates of the shikonin biosynthesis pathway in the Chinese medicinal plant Lothospermum erythrorhizon Co-authors: Joseph Crook, Joshua Widhalm, Jennifer Wisecaver

Jason Paul Joines, Clemson University, for the poster “Local adaptation to the environment drives genetic variation among populations of an herbaceous plant” Co-authors: Saara J. DeWalt and Joan L. Walker

Michelle Gaynor, University of Central Florida, for the poster “Identifying the Factors Influencing Plant Communities Across the United States Using A Phylogenetic Framework” Co-authors: Robert Laport and Julienne Ng

No winner in 2015

Morgan Roche, Bucknell University, for the poster “When dioecy doesn’t pay: Population genetic comparisons across three breeding systems and five species in Australia Solanum” Co-authors: Ingrid Jordon-Thaden and Chris Martine

Meng Wu, Miami University, for the poster “The investigation on protein evolution of Y chromosome in Carica papaya” Co-author: Richard Moore

Chrissy McAllister, St. Louis University - Advisor, Dr. Allison Miller, for the paper “Environmental Determinants of Cytotype Diversity in Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii)” Co-authors: Paul Kron, Russell Blaine and Allison Miller

Lubos Majesky, Palacky University Olomouc, Advisor, Radim J.Vasut, for the poster “Genetic variability in apomictic clones of common dandelion (Taraxacum; Asteraceae)” Co-authors: Radim Vasut, Bohumil Travnicek and Miloslav Kitner.

No winner in 2008

Nyssa Temmel, University of British Columbia, for the poster “Identifying the genes involved in gender differentiation in Populus trichocarpa”

Jennifer Cruse-Sanders, Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, for the poster “Gene flow, hybridization, and divergence between Hawaiian Dubautia species.” Co-author was Elizabeth Friar

Deborah Johnson, Idaho State University, for the poster “Sugar transporter genefamily discovery in the fern Ceratopteris richardii .” Co-authors were Michael A. Thomas and Jeffrey P. Hill.

Liu Xianan, University of Illinois, for the poster “Differential expression of genes regulated in response to abiotic-stress in sunflower.” Co-authors were Ginger Swire-Clark and Vance Baird.