2020 BSA Business Meeting Agenda

July 30, 2020

Botany 2020 - Virtual!


  1. Call to Order and Introductions (President)

    Minutes of 2019 Business Meeting (Secretary)

         2.    Reports

             A. President (Linda Watson)
             B. Treasurer (Lucinda McDade)
                  FY2020 Budget to Actual
                  FY2021 Budget
             C. Publications, AJB and APPS  (Emily Sessa)
             D. Editor, Plant Science Bulletin (Mackenzie Taylor)
             E. Confernece Program Report (Amy Litt)
             F. Business Office Report, Executive Director (Heather Cacanindin)
             G. Elections Committee (Andi Wolfe)
             H. Investment Committee (Toby Kellogg)   
              I.  Development Committee (Ned Friedman) - see Business Office Report
             J. Education (Chris Martine)
             K. Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Ann Sakai)

          Old Business

          New Business

          A. FY2021 Budget - for approval

          B. Membership Rates (2021) - recommendation for new 3 Year Postdoc Membership option - $105

                                                          - recommendation to continue $10 gift student memberships

      3.  Acknowledgments (President, Linda Watson)

      4.  Adjournment