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The Botanical Society of America is the home for ALL botanists and plant scientists and supports the breadth and diversity of botanical research and education. We are the leading Society dedicated to botany and its FUTURE. The BSA has several options for membership. Our main area of expertise is in supporting professional botanists and their students, but we also encourage and provide special dues categories for our K-12 teachers, community college educators, affiliated professionals and amateurs who can benefit from what the BSA has to offer. Memberships are for a calendar year, January 1 – December 31. You may join and/or renew your membership online with a credit card or by mail. Online credit card processing is handled by VeriSign as a secure provider of this service. Memberships are available in the categories listed below.

Membership Types

Professional Member - Any person who is interested in plant biology and who is not eligible for, or does not desire inclusion in, the categories that follow. - $60

Post-Doctoral Member - Any member holding a current post-doctoral position. - $45

Student Member - Any full-time (degree-seeking) student who submits an application. - $35 (Maximum eligibility - 7 years)

Emeritus Member - BSA Member for 25 years or more and now retired. No charge for membership - the BSA thanks you for your contributions over the years.

Retired Member - BSA Member for less than 25 years who is retired. - $30

Community College Professionals - Community college teachers interested in plant science - $40

Family Members: - Members of the families of one of the member types above. Family members have the same privileges as other members except they share one copy of all publications and/or mailings from the Society. Add +$10 to the main members membership type.

K-12 Classroom Teachers - K-12 teachers interested in plants and plant biology as part of the overall science program. - $25

Affiliated Professional - An Affiliated Botanist is a professional person working in, or having interest in, plant-related information that does not fit within our professional membership category. This is a non-voting, non-publishing membership with online access to the American Journal of Botany (including the journal archives) and Plant Science Bulletin.- $45

Amateur Botanist - Membership for the non-professional, non-Academic, who loves plants and is interested in gaining online access to nearly 100 years of the American Journal of Botany. This is a non-voting, non-publishing membership with online access to the American Journal of Botany (including the journal archives) and Plant Science Bulletin. - $25

Associate Membership - An Associate Membership offers an opportunity for BSA members to gift/provide membership to fellow plant scientists working in developing nations who might not otherwise be able to join the Society. This is a non-voting, non-publishing membership with online access to the American Journal of Botany (including the journal archives) and Plant Science Bulletin. To use the Associate Membership type you must be a voting BSA member.

Please go to, contact the BSA office at 314-577-9566 or email us at - $15

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