2018 Officer, Committee and Sectional Reports

All reports due by Monday, July 9

Sunday, July 22, 2018
3:15 - 5:00 pm
Room 101/Civic Center
Rochester, Minnesota, USA


  1. Call to Order and Introductions (Loren Rieseberg for Erika Edwards)

  2. Approval of Minutes of the 2017 Council Meeting  

  3. Reports of Executive Committee, Editors, and Staff

    A. President (Loren Rieseberg)  
    B. Past President - (Gordon Uno) 7/14
    C. President Elect (Andi Wolfe) 
    D. Secretary (Rachel Spicer)  See 2017 Council Meeting Minutes
    E. Treasurer's Report,  FY2018 P&LFY2018 Summary P&L vs. Budget,
        FY2019 Budget  (Lucinda McDade)  7/20
    F. Program Director (Amy Litt)  7/10
    G. DAL - Development (Ned Friedman) 7/20
    H. DAL - Education (Allison Miller)  7/10 
    I. DAL - Publications (Sean Graham) 7/11
    J. DAL - Human Diversity (Ann Sakai)
    J. Student Representatives (Chelsea Pretz and James McDaniel) 7/11
    K. Editor, American Journal of Botany (Pamela Diggle) (see Publications Report)
    L. Editor, Applications in Plant Sciences (Theresa Culley)(See Publications Report)
    M. Editor, Plant Science Bulletin (MacKenzie Taylor)  7/14
    N. Business Office/Executive Director (Heather Cacanindin) 7/17

  4. Reports of Committees, Sections, and Representatives

    A. Standing Committees (Administrative)
    1. Executive Committee (Loren Rieseberg)
    2. Annual Meetings Program Committee (Amy Litt) See Program Director's Reoprt
    3. Committee on Committees (Andi Wolfe)   See President-Elect's report
    4. Development Committee (Ned Friedman) See DAL Development Report
    5. Education Committee (Phil Gibson) Report in place as of: 7/5
    6. Election Committee (Gordon Uno)  7/18
    7. Committee on Human Diversity (Jim Cohen and Ann Sakai)  7/10
    8. Investment Committee (Jack Horner) 7/17
    9. International Affairs (Tom Rost) 7/5
    10. Public Policy Committee (Kal Tuominen and Krissa Skogen) 7/10

    B. Standing Committees (Awards and Prizes)

    1. Corresponding Members Committee (Gordon Uno) 7/18
    2. BSA Distinguished Fellows Awards Committee - No Nominations Received
    3. Bessey Award Committee (Phil Gibson/Madhav Nepal)- see Teaching section report
    4. Cheadle Award Committee (Jocelyn Hall)
    5. Esau Award Committee (Julien Bachelier) 
    6. Donald R. Kaplan Memorial Lecture Committee (Cindi Jones) 7/19
    7. Moseley Award Committee (James Boyer)

    C. Ad hoc Committees
                 Graduate Student Research Awards Exploration Committee (Allison Miller) Updated 7/21

    1. D. Sections
      1. Bryological and Lichenological Section (Catherine LaFarge) (Meeting separately in 2018)
      2. Developmental and Structural Section (Jocelyn Hall) 7/22
      3. Ecology Section (Phil Gibson) Report in place as of: 7/5
      4. Economic Botany Section 7/22
      5. Genetics Section (Ingrid Jordon-Thaden) Report in place as of: 
      6. Historical Section (Nuala Caomhanach) 7/19
      7. Paleobotanical Section (Fabiany Herrera) 7/9
      8. Physiological Section (Jorge Lopez-Portillo) 7/9
      9. Pteridological Section (Melanie Link-Perez) 7/18
      10. Systematics Section (Amanda Ingram) 6/29
      11. Teaching Section (Madhav Nepal) 7/22
      12. Tropical Biology Section (Margaret S. Devall) 7/20
      13. Northeastern Section (Larry Klotz) (report will be received later this summer)
      14. Southeastern Section (Chris Havran) 7/9

      E. Representatives to other Organizations
      1. AAAS - Loren
      2. AIBS - Loren
    2. Old Business
    3. New Business
      A-1. Wiley Publishing Transition - Sean Graham
      A-2. Meeting Innovations and Symposia Applications - Amy Litt
      A-3. Plant Science Research Network Update - Michael Donoghue
      B. Corresponding Members
      C. FY2019 Budget - Lucinda 
      D. Board Recommendations - Membership Dues Increase to Fund Student Research Awards - Loren
      E. Phycological Section - Rick McCourt
      Please download the reports, read them PRIOR to the meeting, and bring hard copies with you. We will discuss the contents of the reports at the Council meeting.


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      See you in Rochester!