2024 BSA Business Meeting Agenda

June 18, 2024

BSA Members' Business Meeting
Gallery Overlook H
3-4pm Eastern Time


  1. Call to Order, Introductions and Acknowledgements (President - Brenda Molano-Flores)

    Minutes of 2023 Business Meeting

         2.    Reports

             A. President (Brenda Molano-Flores)
             B. Treasurer (Allison Miller)
                   FY2024 Budget to Actual
                   FY2025 Budget - For approval
             C. President-Elect (Vivian Negron-Ortiz)
             D. Publications, AJB and APPS  (Emily Sessa)
             E.  Editor, Plant Science Bulletin (Mackenzie Taylor)
             F.  Conference Program Report (Melanie Link-Perez)
             G. Business Office Report, Executive Director (Heather Cacanindin)
             H. Elections Committee (Vivian Negron-Ortiz)
             I.  Investment Committee (Kent Holsinger)   
             J.  Development Committee (Jennifer Cruse-Sanders)
             K. Education Committee (Rachel Jabaily)
             L. Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Karolina Heyduk)

      3.  New Business

          A. FY2025 Budget - for approval

              draw on unrestricted portion of the BSA investment account, up to 4%
          B. Corresponding Members for review and approval
              Else Marie Friis
              Mark Olson

      4.  Adjournment