2018 BSA Business Meeting Agenda

July 24, 2018 (4:45-5:30pm)

Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, MN, Room 111


  1. Call to Order and Introductions (President)

    Minutes of 2017 Business Meeting (Secretary)

       2.    Reports

           A. President (Loren Rieseberg)
           B. Secretary (Rachel Spicer)
           C. Treasurer (Lucinda McDade)
                FY2018 Budget to Actual
                FY2019 Budget
           D. Publications, AJB and APPS  (Sean Graham)
           E. Editor, Plant Science Bulletin (Mackenzie Taylor)
           F. Program Director (Amy Litt)
           G. Executive Director (Heather Cacanindin)
           H. Elections Committee (Gordon Uno)
           I. Investment Committee (Jack Horner)
           J. Education (Allison Miller)
           K. Ad Hoc Committee on Student Reseach Awards  Allison Miller

          Old Business

          New Business

          A. Corresponding Members

          B. Membership Rates (2019) - recommendation on the $25 increase with opt-out

          C. American Journal of Botany Rates (2019) - 4% subscription increase to $943

          D. Applications in Plant Sciences Rates (2019) - no increase

          E. FY2019 Budget - for approval

      3.  Acknowledgments (President, Loren Rieseberg)

      4.  Adjournment