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I am Dr. Prabha Sharma from University of Delhi, India. I think the most precious and valuable things are the plants which are connecting the people around the world and are responsible for global prosperity! It gives me enormous satisfaction and joy to see the plants occurring in their wild habitat flourishing extra-ordinarily well! I experience this as a bundle of joy to be associated and work in the field for the collection of plants! I wish for our biodiversity heritage and wealth to increase in the near future for global welfare!

– Dr. Prabha Sharma, Department of Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007, India.


Hi team..!
I had a plant outside my lab which was growing quite healthy. Suddenly, on a day it seemed to be unhappy to me and the condition kept on deteriorating day by day. I was very upset witnessing this daily. So I decided to inspect thoroughly and found that it was due to some fungal growth in the soil which was hampering my plant's growth. I decided not to let the plant die, so I made seven small cuttings from the upper part of the plant which did not touch the soil, and covered them with plastic. It was a rainy season and I succeeded in raisingall seven saplings out of a dying plant. Those were the very joyful moments for me to observe buds coming out of those cuttings.

I decided to share my joy by sharing those saplings. The picture shows the saplings I put outside my lab for adoption.

Chirag Singhal, Senior Research Fellow at 'Indian Institute of Science Education and Research- Kolkata', WB


I have been curious about plant diversity ever since my parents started taking me to botanical gardens and natural areas at the age of five. I love looking at plant life in different ecosystems, geographically diverse areas, botanical gardens in different countries, spice plantations, and fresh fruit and vegetable markets all over the world. Educating future generations about not just the plants around us, but plants and their human uses in other countries gives me most joy!

Suneeti Jog, Ph.D. Research Scientist and Affiliate Faculty at the University of Illinois


A bustling herbarium brings me #plantjoy! Every day here at the Wisconsin State Herbarium (WIS) on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we have a mix of student employees, research technicians, volunteers, and staff members getting things done. Seeing all these people hard at work, mounting, imaging, databasing, organizing, and filing specimens, and conducting research on plants, makes me very happy! We are 1.4 million specimens strong here at WIS and still growing, and in addition to our physical collection we have a strong online presence on the Midwest Consortium of Herbaria and through our own Online Flora of Wisconsin. Knowing that our specimens and data are available to researchers and the general public worldwide also brings me a lot of #plantjoy!

- Mary Ann Feist, Ph.D, Curator of the Wisconsin State Herbarium


Plants bring so much happiness into my existence, whether it is tending to my indoor jungle of houseplants or spending time in garden oasis. There is something absolutely magical about watching a tiny seed sprouting to a flourishing plant, reminding us of the beauty and resilience of nature. Planting brings happiness and positivity to our lives.

Together, we can make the world a greener and happier place by cultivating joy and green spaces wherever we go! #GreenThumb #GoGreen #BeSustainable #PlantJoy #GreenLiving #NatureLovers"

- Funmilola Mabel, OJO (Ph.D), Postdoctoral Visitor, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


As a mother of a 12 year-old, I have found much #PlantJoy in watching my daughter discover the botanical world throughout her life. Whether it is exploring nature on hikes, or doing our annual daffodil color experiment to welcome in the Spring, watching her knowledge expand and her appreciation of nature "blossom" brings me much joy. I also find #PlantJoy in my ability to support botanists in all career stages and around the world in my role at BSA.

- Amelia Neely, Membership and Communications Manager for BSA
Colored Daffodils