APPS Recruiting Editor Flyer

Applications in Plant Sciences Recruiting Editor – Call for Applications

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Applications in Plant Sciences is seeking a Recruiting Editor to assist the Editor-in-Chief in continuing to advance the journal as a publication outlet for novel methods and resources in the plant sciences. The Recruiting Editor will identify and recruit potential authors for individual submissions, with a particular focus on Review Articles, and for special issues.

This position is a unique opportunity to help shape the direction of APPS and contribute to its success within the international botanical community. The Recruiting Editor will work with a supportive and forward-thinking team, including the Editor-in-Chief, the Managing Editor, and the BSA Director of Publications, to advance both the journal and the careers of plant scientists from a diversity of backgrounds.

  • Responsibilities include: (1) working closely with the APPS Editor-in-Chief to identify potential authors and topics within the scope of the journal and of interest to readers; (2) proactively inviting identified authors to submit to the journal and corresponding with them to facilitate submission; and (3) recruiting editorial teams for two special issues.

  • Qualifications: candidates should (1) be productive in publishing their own research; (2) be willing to learn about diverse areas of botanical research; (3) have excellent communication and organizational skills; (4) have expertise and familiarity with methods in at least one area of the plant sciences; and (5) be committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the voices and subjects represented in APPS. Candidates with previous editorial experience are preferred, but this is not a requirement of the position.

The Recruiting Editor will serve up to a 2-year term and will receive a stipend of $1500 per year. If you are interested, please provide your CV and a cover letter that details your experience, education, and enthusiasm for this particular position, as well as three ideas for articles or review topics that you would like to recruit for APPS (no need to identify potential authors at this point). For each review/article topic, include a short description of why the topic would be of interest to APPS readers (1–3 sentences).

Apply by November 15, 2023, to