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Hormone interactions and regulation of <em>PsPK2::GUS</em> compared with <em>DR5
Fang Bai University of California, Riverside Department of Botany and Plant Sciences Riverside California USA
PsPK2::GUS, Arabidopsis thaliana, DR5::GUS, PID::GUS
PsPK2::GUS, Arabidopsis thaliana, DR5::GUS, PID::GUS

One of the fundamental characteristics of plants is their polar organization and polar growth. An auxin gradient has been implicated in directing all polar patterns of development and differentiation. Auxin effl ux carriers, PINs, present only in specifi c cell membranes, drive polar auxin transport and the PID protein kinase in Arabidopsis regulates transport by targeting PIN transporters. If this gene plays the same role in all plant species, it must be among the most important genes that control morphological diversity. The PsPK2 gene, the PID homolog in pea, is expressed in all growing parts of pea and is positively regulated by auxin, gibberellin, and cytokinin. To compare regulatory characteristics of PsPK2 and PID, we constructed a reporter gene and transformed Arabidopsis with it. GUS activity is illustrated in transgenic PsPK2::GUS (upper 3 rows) and DR5::GUS (lower 3 rows) Arabidopsis seedlings in response to treatment with water (control) and four auxins: 4-chloro-indole acetic acid (4-Cl-IAA), indole-3- acetic acid (IAA), indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), indole-3- acetic acid methyl ester (MeIAA), or

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<em>Arabidopsis thaliana</em>
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