If you have an innovative tool or protocol, a useful genomic resource, or an interesting review paper, consider publication in Applications in Plant Sciences.

APPS offers:

Timely decisions, rapid publication: 26 days average from submission to first decision

Fast and thorough peer review by a Society-published journal: APPS is published by the Botanical Society of America (BSA), which maintains rigorous standards of peer review and is committed to working with authors to strengthen their published research.

Available in major indexes including Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports, PubMed, WorldCat, Scopus, and Google Scholar

Open Access: All APPS articles are Open Access upon publication, meaning your research can be discovered by anyone, anywhere.

Reasonable publication costs: Article processing charges (APCs) are kept as low as possible to help authors with limited funding. BSA members are charged US$450–800 per article (depending on length of membership); non-members are charged US$1400 per article.

Research promoted on news and social media outlets: Press releases are prepared for noteworthy articles, and articles are also promoted on Twitter and Facebook, which have over 24,000 combined followers. Research published in APPS has attracted attention from outlets including the National Science Foundation’s Science360, CNBC, and ScienceDaily.

We are particularly interested in receiving submissions in the following article types:

  1. Protocol Notes describe new methods and technological advancements for the visualization or quantification of biological information.
  2. Genomic Resources Notes characterize the development and demonstrate the usefulness of newly developed genomic resources, including transcriptomes.
  3. Software Notes detail new software applications with examples of how they are used and how results are interpreted.
  4. Application Articles illustrate the application of a new protocol, method, or software application within the context of a larger study.
  5. Review Articles evaluate available techniques, methods, or protocols within any area of the plant sciences, providing a summary of advantages and disadvantages of the techniques that are reviewed.

Please see our Author Instructions for additional information.

Authors with limited funds can apply to the Editor-in-Chief for reduced APCs. Applications should include an abstract or short description of the proposed paper and must be sent to by June 2, 2017. If the abstract is approved, the manuscript must be submitted within the following 6-week period. [Note that this offer does not apply to Primer Notes.]

High-impact papers published in APPS include:

Applications in Plant Sciences (APPS) is a monthly, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on new tools, technologies, and protocols in all areas of the plant sciences. APPS is available as part of BioOne’s Open Access collection (

We look forward to working with you toward publication of your research.

Theresa Culley

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