American Journal of Botany Special Issues

The AJB publishes special issues on a wide variety of topics in the plant sciences. Explore these issues, from the Tree of Life to the latest special section: The Ecology, Genetics, and Coevolution of Intimate Mutualisms!

Previous AJB Special Issues/Sections (October 2004 - October 2016)

  The Ecology, Genetics,
and Coevolution of Intimate Mutualisms

October 2016
Section Editors: Jeremy B. Yoder
and James Leebens-Mack

Volume 103, Issue 10
  The Evolutionary Importance of

July 2016
Issue Editors: Michael S. Barker,
Brian C. Husband, and J. Chris Pires

Volume 103, Issue 7
  The Ecology and Evolution of
Pollen Performance

March 2016
Issue Editors: Joseph H. Williams
and Susan J. Mazer

Volume 103, Issue 3

Evolutionary Insights
from Studies of
Geographic Variation

January 2016
Issue Editors: Julie R. Etterson,
Heather E. Schneider,
Nicole L. Soper Gorden,
Jennifer J. Weber, 
Jesse Bellemare,
Steven J. Franks,
Christopher Herlihy,
and Jason Sexton

Volume 103, Issue 1

  Speaking of Food: Connecting
Basic & Applied Science

October 2014
Issue Editors: Briana L. Gross, Elizabeth
A. Kellogg, and Allison J. Miller

Volume 101, Issue 10
  Global Biological Change
July 2013
Issue Editors: Stephen G. Weller,
Katharine Suding, and Ann K. Sakai

Volume 100, Issue 7
  Advances in Plant Tropisms
January 2013
Issue Editors: Sarah E. Wyatt and
John Z. Kiss

Volume 100, Issue 1
  Methods and Applications of
Next-Generation Sequencing in Botany

Issue Editors: Ashley N. Egan, Jessica
Schlueter, and David M. Spooner

February 2012
Volume 99, Issue 2
Issue Editors: Peter H. Raven,
Jonathan M. Chase, and J. Chris Pires

March 2011
Volume 98, Issue 3
  Darwin Bicentennial:
The Abominable Mystery

Issue Editors: Ruth A.
Stockey, Sean W. Graham,
and Peter R. Crane

January 2009
Volume 96, Issue 1
  Plant Biomechanics
Issue Editors: Karl J. Niklas,
Hanns-Christof Spatz, and Julian Vincent

October 2006
Volume 93, Issue 10 
  The Tree of Life
Issue Editors: Jeffrey D. Palmer,
Douglas E. Soltis, and Mark W. Chase

October 2004
Volume 91, Issue 10