Paige Fabre

Current Position: PhD Student, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology (EEOB), The Ohio State University. Advised by Dr. Andrea Wolfe.

Research Interests: Floral trait evolution, specifically in the genus Penstemon (Plantaginaceae); pollination ecology; systematics; phylogenetics.

BSA Service: BSA member (2017 - present); Young Botanist Award (2017)

Other Service: Graduate Student Representative for the EEOB Curriculum Committee (2020 - present).

Statement of Interest: When I attended my first Botany meeting as an undergraduate in 2017, I had not yet decided if I wanted to be a professional botanist. However, after spending one week with this inspiring society, I felt compelled to one day become a leader within the association. I want to help build a community of students that can flourish year-long, not just at the yearly meetings. I hope to do this by implementing digital social events and workshops that will serve both our personal and professional development. I will provide support and encouragement to all our student members, and especially advocate for students from diverse and vulnerable backgrounds. I want to use my position as student representative to uplift the voices of our students and help make the BSA more inclusive and accessible to both current and future members.