Norman Wickett

Current Position
Senior Conservation Scientist, Negaunee Institute for Plant Science and Action at the Chicago Botanic Garden; Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University

Research Interests
Plant comparative genomics, the evolution of plant parasitism, bryophyte systematics, adaptive radiations, phylogenomics

BSA Service
Technology Committee (2015-2018); Awards Committee (current); Senior Associate Editor, APPS; Strategic Planning Committee (2021)

Other Service
Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Northwestern Plant Biology and Conservation Program; 2017–present); George R. Cooley Award judge (2014, 2018); PhD Admissions Committee (Northwestern PBC Program; 2012–2015); Biology Climate Committee (Penn State; 2009)

Statement of Interest
BSA, ASPT, and ABLS have served as my botanical home for almost twenty years. I presented my first ever research talk at Botany 2003 in Mobile, AL and have consistently participated since. Recently I have felt a strong pull to become more involved in the society and was thrilled to have had the opportunity to serve on the strategic planning committee earlier this year. That experience provided me an opportunity to better understand how the society operates and, importantly, the goals for strengthening BSA in the coming years. My participation in BSA activities has always enhanced my sense of community, nurtured collaboration, and I truly consider its members to be my professional family. However, I know that not everyone shares these experiences and, as such, I am particularly motivated to support the mission of BSA as it takes critical steps towards being a more equitable, inclusive, diverse, and accessible society. As a scientist at a non-profit and as the PI of an REU Site award I feel strongly not only about the research mission of BSA, but also about its role in botanical outreach and education. I am profoundly honored to have been nominated to serve as BSA Secretary, and if elected, hope that through my participation I will be able to contribute to enhancing the mission of the society and the needs of its members.