Chris Pires

Current Position
Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Science, University of Missouri. 

Research Interests
Systematics, phylogenetic and genome evolution of polyploid plants.

BSA Service
Publications Strategic Planning Committee, 2020-present; Publications Committee, 2017-2020; Committee on Committees, 2013-2015; Early Career Award Committee, 2013-2014; Graduate Student Research Awards Committee, 2007-2009
Conference Organization:
Co-Organizer of Botanical Society of America symposium on “Comparative Biochemistry” (Rochester, MN USA.  July 2018); Co-Organizer of Botanical Society of America and American Society of Plant Taxonomy symposium on “Phylogenomics” (Chicago, IL, USA.  July 2007)
Editorial Roles:
Co-Editor with Michael Barker and Brian Husband, special issue on Polyploidy, American Journal of Botany, 2015; Co-Editor with Peter Raven and Jon Chase, Special issue on Biodiversity, American Journal of Botany, 2010

Other Service
American Society of Plant Taxonomy Awards Committee, 2013-2014; American Society of Plant Taxonomists Nominations Committee, 2007-2008; Genetics Society of America, Membership Committees, 2013-2014; International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium (IAIC) Design Team, 2011; International Organization of Plant Biosystematists Council Member, 2001-2004; Multinational Brassica Genomics Consortium (MBGC), Chair (2011-2013) and member (2006-present); Natural Variation and Comparative Genomics subcommittee, MultinationalArabidopsisSteering Committee (MASC), Co-chair (2008-present) and member (2006-present); National Science Foundation Panel Service. 2011, 2013, 2015, 2020

Statement of Interest
I am honored to be nominated to serve as Secretary because the Botanical Society of America has been my main “society home” since starting my graduate studies in Botany at the University of Wisconsin. My recent service on the Strategic Planning Committee was an energizing experience that has renewed my enthusiasm for our professional society and our goals.