Rachel Jabaily

Current Position
I am currently an assistant professor in the department of Organismal Biology & Ecology at Colorado College, a liberal arts undergraduate serving institution. I enjoy conducting research with my students and teaching courses including Field Botany, Biology of Plants, Evolution, and Biogeography & Phylogenetics. 

Research Interests
I am a plant systematist working on the Goodeniaceae and Bromeliaceae and I am interested in bromeliad life history evolution. 

BSA Service
I founded the Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI) section of the BSA, creating a professional development community for current and future PUI faculty. I am a lifetime member of the BSA.

Other Service
I have spoken about the liberal arts faculty job market and professional preparedness to graduate students and postdocs at multiple institutions.  I have also served on various committees in ASPT.

Statement of Interest
I would help to create synergistic feedback between botanical research, education, and outreach by promoting open communication between all stakeholders, accessible information, and best practices. I am an advocate for inclusive botanical pedagogy and more inclusion of botany across a broad educational curriculum.