Andrea Appleton

Current Position
Undergraduate student, Department of Biology, Georgia Southern University.

Research Interests
Evolution of floral morphology; plant anatomy and development; plant biodiversity.

BSA Service

Other Service
President of the GSU Natural History Collections Club (2018–present).

Statement of Interest
Being an active member of the Botanical Society of America and attending the Botany meetings have been incredibly beneficial in developing my botanical interests and providing me direction as I navigate through my career in botany. During this time, I have realized firsthand how important the Botanical Society of America is for students, and I am eager to facilitate student involvement and promote student development as the BSA Student Representative.

As a first-generation undergraduate student, I have been fortunate in meeting peers and mentors with backgrounds similar to my own. I am extremely thankful to study something about which I care very deeply, and it is due in large part to the BSA as both a professional organization and system of support. I will offer a unique perspective as a Student Representative that best supports our needs not just as students and researchers, but as people. As the BSA Student Representative, I will focus on promoting student involvement of diverse backgrounds and creating opportunities to maximize student benefit with particular attention to undergraduates. Student development and representation is crucial to the success of our Society, and I am excited to serve the BSA.