Melanie Link-Pérez

Current Position
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Eastern Kentucky University and Curator of the Ronald L. Jones Herbarium.

Research Interests
Patterns and processes of diversification, with emphasis on ferns and lycophytes; spatial phylogenetics; origin of new species due to hybridization and/or polyploidy; science education.

BSA Service
Education Committee (2016-2019); Pteridological Section Chair & Program Director (2017-2019); Editorial Committee of Plant Science Bulletin (2015-2019); Conference Local Representative (2016); Colloquium Organizer, Botany 2019: Questioning Species and Species Complexes: A Colloquium in Honor of Dr. R. James Hickey (2019).

Other Service
American Society of Plant Taxonomists: Conference Local Representative (2016) and Environment and Public Policy Committee (2018-2021); American Fern Society: Program Organizer/Field Trip (2016), Conference Local Representative (2016); Society of Herbarium Curators: Associate Editor (2017-2019) and Editor (2019-present) for The Vasculum, and Executive Board (2019-present).

Statement of Interest
I joined BSA in 2007 during my graduate studies and I’ve been a proud and dedicated member ever since, gladly serving in every capacity that I can. It would be thrilling and deeply satisfying to serve as the Program Director helping to ensure that the annual conference—“THE Conference for ALL Botanists”—continues to exceed expectations and to deliver attendees an outstanding scientific program and social events. As a member of many of the participating societies (BSA, ASPT, AFS, SHC, and IAPT), and as a person who truly enjoys attending the Botany conference, I would love to help set up the program and accomplish the behind-the-scenes work that leads to the dynamic and inspiring conference that is a highpoint of the year for members of our many participating societies and partner organizations.