Muriel Poston

Current Position
Professor, Environmental Analysis, Pitzer College.

Research Interests
Plant reproductive biology, phylogenetics of Loasaceae; undergraduate biology education, particularly with respect to broadening participation through inclusion of students from underrepresented groups in STEM.

BSA Service
Diversity Committee (2018-20); Ad Hoc Committee on Women and Minorities (2008-10)

Other Service
National Science Foundation, Division Director, Division of Biological Infrastructure (2016-19); NSF Panel Member (BIO and EHR panels); NSF Committee on Equal Opportunities in Science and Engineering (2006-12; chair: 2010-11); NSF Advisory Committee for the Biological Sciences Directorate (2006-10, member); National Academies, Board of Life Science (2006-12); AIBS Board of Directors (2009-20).

Statement of Interest
The BSA has been my professional home since I was a graduate student, and I have regularly attended the annual meeting. I have watched the society as it has reached out to students from underrepresented groups, both undergraduate and graduate, and in many cases exposed them to their first professional meeting. This effort has been transformative for students, however, I would like to help BSA accelerate this work so that the efforts to broaden participation are integrated throughout the activities of the society, and not isolated in student programs or the Diversity Luncheon. Sustaining the work that has already been accomplished and finding ways to enhance it, would be a privilege. I am honored to have been nominated to serve as the Human Development Director on the Board of the Botanical Society of America.