Lucinda McDade

Current Position
Executive Director & Director of Research, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Professor & Chair of Botany, Claremont Graduate University

Research Interests
Patterns of evolutionary relationships and diversification across time, and geographic and morphological space of Acanthaceae; plant reproductive biology

BSA Service
Chair of the Council, 2010-2013
Treasurer, 2016-2019

Other Service
Past President, Association for Tropical Biology & Conservation, American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Assistant Editor for Systematic Botany, Biotropica, BioScience
Member, BIO-Advisory Committee, NSF
NSF Directorates for Biological Sciences and Biological Infrastructure, many forms of service including service on panels and COVs (Committees of Visitors).
Collections Community: participation in several working groups and conferences
Trustee, Center for Plant Conservation
Member, Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board 

Statement of Interest
I have served one term as Treasurer of BSA (2016-2019) and am happy to stand for re-election because, although working with other officers and staff, we've accomplished a lot, there are a number of unfinished issues that I would like to bring to fruition. Among these, BSA will benefit from policy regarding the establishment of funds for special purposes. Also, we have a number of small funds whose nature and purpose need to be researched and clarified. We are also working to achieve stronger fiscal governance for our society including reactivation of a financial advisory committee. Our society is doing terrific things in education, out-reach and support of the next generation of plant scientists; all of this requires a strong financial base.