Chris Martine

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I have been the David Burpee Chair of Plant Genetics and the Director of the Manning Herbarium at Bucknell University since 2012, having previously served on the faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh. I am a broadly-interested botanist working across multiple groups/questions, but much of my last 15 years has been spent studying the ecology and evolution of unusual reproductive systems in Australian Solanum. A proud member of the Legacy Society, I have served the BSA through the IT Committee (past Chair), Education Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and many years as a Botany conference poster/talk judge and student luncheon panelist. Of the societies I belong to, the BSA feels the most like home – and this has also been the case for many of my students. We are a society that takes seriously our role as standard-bearer for spreading the word about plants through our education initiatives, whether to K-12 students via PlantingScience or to undergrads/grads through our student award/mentoring programs, and I would be proud to help us continue to achieve this mission as a member of the BSA Board.