Ian Gilman

Current Position

Research and teaching assistant, M.S. student, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho (2015-present). Scientist mentor, Planting Science (plantingscience.org)


Research Interests

(1) Phylogenomics, bioinformatics, and computational biology (2) diversification of flowering plants, particularly in Orobanchaceae (3) evolutionary fate of novel traits (4) shifts in mating system, especially in Solanum


Teaching Interests

Field botany, plant systematics and computer science. I have taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels in biology, physics, and computational biology as well as mentored students in 6th-8th grade in plant morphology. I love getting to teach in the field, and will take any opportunity to write something out on a chalkboard.



University of Idaho (UI) Department of Biological Sciences Departmental Fellowship (2016); UI

Graduate and Professional Student Travel Grant (2016); Botanical Society of America (BSA)

Graduate Student Research Award (2016); American Society of Plant Taxonomist (ASPT)

Rogers McVaugh Graduate Student Research Award (2016); National Science Foundation

Graduate Student Research Fellowship Honorable Mention (2016); Stillinger Herbarium

Expedition Funds: ‘Phylogenetics of niche condition in Castillejineae (Orobanchaceae)’ (2016);

UI College of Science Travel Grant (2015); BSA Young Botanist Award (2015); ASPT

Undergraduate Research Prize (2015); Carrie T. Watson Garden Society Scholarship to Future Careers in Plant Sciences (2015); BSA Undergraduate Research Award (2014); Torrey Botanical Society Undergraduate and Graduate Student Training Fellowship (2014); Bucknell University (BU) Undergraduate Research Travel Grant (2014); BU Undergraduate Research Appointment through the David Burpee Endowment (2014); BU Dean's List (2011, 2012)


BSA Service

Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists (PLANTS) mentor (2016-present)


Other Service

Going into the field is what got me into botany, so I incorporate undergraduates in my field work. As a member of the BSA chapter at Bucknell University, I helped organize native plant give aways, germinate seedlings for our local gardening club, and spark interest in botany across campus.