William (Ned) Friedman

Current and Past Positions
Arnold Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University (2011-present); Director of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University (2011-present); Professor and Associate Professor of Biology, University of Colorado (1995-2010); Associate and Assistant Professor of Botany, University of Georgia (1987-1995)

Educational Background
Ph.D. in Botany (1986), University of California, Berkeley; A.B. in Biology (1981), Oberlin College

Research Interests
Origin and early evolution of flowering plants; reproductive biology of gymnosperms; intellectual history of early evolutionism

Teaching Interests
Plant Biodiversity and Evolution; Plant Anatomy; Sociobotany; Getting to Know Darwin (Freshman Seminar); Darwinian Revolution; Pre-Darwinian Evolutionists  

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2011); Pelton Award, Botanical Society of America (2004); Waynflete Lectures, University of Oxford (by election, 1999); Fellow of the Linnean Society (London) (1995); Creative Research Medal, University of Georgia (1993); Presidential Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation (1991)

BSA Service
Development Committee (2016-present); Investment Committee (2015-present); Committee to Select New Editor of American Journal of Botany (2012-2013; 1998-1999; 1993-1994); Pelton Award Committee (2011-2014); Publications Committee (2010-2013); Associate Editor, American Journal of Botany (1995-1999; 2010-2015); Webpage Committee (2008-2009); Committee on Committees (2006-2009; 2000-2002); Chair of the Developmental and Structural Section (1996-1998); Esau Student Award Committee (1996-1998; Chair, 1998); Representative to American Association for the Advancement of Science Section on Biological Sciences (1994-1995); Structural and Developmental Section, Botany for the Next Millennium Committee (1993)

Other Service
PI for National Science Foundation Research Coordination Network Program grants “microMORPH” (2010-2017) and “MORPH” (2003-2010); International Prize for Biology (Japan), Selection Committee (2004, 2013); Editorial Committee, Journal of Plant Research (2006-2012); Editorial Committee, Biological Reviews (2005-2010); Editor, International Journal of Plant Sciences (1999-2015); American Society of Plant Biologists, Early Career Award Committee (2008-2011); Associate Editor, International Journal of Plant Sciences (1998-1999)