Willy Taylor

Wilson A. Taylor – Professor & Chair, Department of Biology, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (2010-present). B.S. (Geoscience) Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA; M.S. (Botany) The Ohio State University; Ph.D. (Botany), The Ohio State University.

Research Interests – Terrestrialization of the land surface; application of transmission electron microscopy to the study of seed-free plant spores and enigmatic pre-land plant spores – pre-Cambrian and lower Paleozoic.

Teaching Interests – Plant Anatomy, Electron Microscopy, Plants and Society, general evolution.

BSA Service: Paleobotanical Section; Chair, 2010-2011, Secretary/Treasurer, 2014–present; Editor of the Bibliography of American Paleobotany, 2002-2004; Isabel Cookson Committee (several times); symposium organizer, 2013; charity auctioneer every other year since 2002.

Service to discipline: Appointed to the editorial board of Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, May 2007.

Graduate & Undergraduate Student Education: Mentor to 2 M.S. students with completed degrees (graduate program suspended, 2005); Mentor to 40 undergraduate students with completed degrees.