Current Committee Members

  • Karolina Heyduk (2026), Chair
  • Vacant, Undergraduate Student Representative (2025)
  • Shan Wong, Graduate Student Representative (2025)
  • R. Shawn Abrahams (2024)
  • Ana Almeida (2024)
  • Rocio Deanna (2024)
  • Gretchen North (2024)
  • Adam Ramsey (2024)
  • Alana Chin (2026)
  • Suneeti Jog (2026)
  • Scott Gevaert (2026)
  • Keri Maricle (2026)
  • Anna Monfils, PI PLANTS III
  • Melanie Link-Perez (2026), Program Director, ex officio
  • Brenda Molano-Flores (2024), President, ex officio
  • Heather Cacanindin, Executive Director, ex officio

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

About the Committee

Chaired by the Director at Large for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the DEI Committee usually meets at least two times per year (plus ad hoc meetings), to discuss policies and plan activities that address the needs of diverse groups within BSA with the goal of building a more diverse and welcoming society. Committee members are expected to attend DEI meetings (in person or virtually). Committee members may volunteer additional time to develop further some of these activities. BSA programs and events initially conceived and launched by the DEI committee include PLANTS (Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists), workshops for development of professional skills (e.g., applying to grad school), helping to choose the Belonging in Botany speakers, and special symposia on diversity and inclusion. The committee values the input of members at all stages of their careers.


This committee will have at least two students as part of its composition with a new student appointed each year.  The student representatives will be full voting members and will be expected to provide a student or early-career researcher’s perspective on how best to improve the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts of the BSA.

Member Criteria

Committee membership is open to all BSA membership categories: emeritus, retired, professional, affiliate, postdoc, student, developing nation. Committees strive for both institutional/organizational and geographic diversity. Committee members are expected to participate and be engaged in committee activities and have a genuine interest in the mission of the committee.

Time Commitment

At least two meetings per year plus additional involvement in committee or subcommittee activities. Members serve three-year terms, except for student members whose terms are for two years.

Interested in Applying?

Those interested in being considered for committee service should complete a short application (200 words or less) that includes a statement of interest highlighting your expertise, experience, and interest in serving on this particular committee. Applications are accepted December 1 – February 1 and will be reviewed by the Committee on Committees. Committee appointments are typically made in May to begin in July. Questions about committee membership? Send an email to

To apply to be on this committee, click here and sign in with your BotanyID and password. Only committees that have openings will appear on the BSA Committee Application website. Once you open an application, you should see the blue button "Create New Committee Application." If you do not see the blue button, or need other assistance, email

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