2023 Officer, Committee and Sectional Reports

All reports due by Friday, July 5

JULY 23, 3-5pm
Boise Center, Room 410-B


  1. Call to Order and Introductions (Vivian Negron-Ortiz)

  2. Approval of Minutes of the 2022 Council Meeting  

  3. Reports of Executive Committee, Editors, and Staff

    A. President (Vivian Negron-Ortiz)  
    B. Past President (Michael Donoghue)
    C. President Elect (Brenda Molano-Flores)
    D. Treasurer's Report,  FY2023 P&L,  FY2023 Budget vs. Actual,
        FY2024 Budget  (Allison Miller) 
    E. Program Director Report (Melanie Link-Perez) 
    F. Editor, American Journal of Botany (Pamela Diggle) (see Publications Report)
    G. Editor, Applications in Plant Sciences (Briana Gross)(See Publications Report)
    H. Editor, Plant Science Bulletin (MacKenzie Taylor) 
    I. Business Office Report -Executive Director (Heather Cacanindin)

  4. Reports of Committees, Sections, and Representatives

    A. Standing Committees and Other Administrative Reports
    1. Executive Committee (Vivian Negron-Ortiz) See President's Report
    2. Annual Meetings Program Committee (Melanie Link-Perez) See Program Director's Reoprt
    3. Committee on Committees (Brenda Molano-Flores)   See President-Elect's report
    4. Development Committee (Jennifer Cruse-Sanders)
    5. Financial Advisory Committee (Larry Hufford)
    6. Education Committee (Rachel Jabaily)
    7. Publications Committee (Emily Sessa)
    8. Election Committee (Michael Donoghue)  
    9. DEI Committee (Chelsea Specht)
    10. Information Technology Committee - nothing to report
    11. Investment Committee (Kent Holsinger) 
    12. International Affairs  - nothing to report
    13. Public Policy Committee (Tanisha Williams and Krissa Skogen)
    14. Early Career Professional Development Committee (Karolina Heyduk, Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong and Ben Blackman)
    15. Student Representatives (Ioana Anghel and Eli Hartung)

    B. Standing Committees (Awards and Prizes)

    1. Corresponding Members Committee  (Michael Donoghue)
    2. BSA Distinguished Fellows and Emerging Leader Awards Committee (Ann Sakai)
    3. Bessey Award Committee (Rachel Jabaily)- see Education Report
    4. Cheadle Award Committee (Jessica Budke)- See D&S Section report
    5. Esau Award Committee (Jessica Budke/Cheng-Chiang Wu) - See D&S Section report
    6. Donald R. Kaplan Memorial Lecture Committee (Mark Olson)
    7. Moseley Award Committee (see Paleo report)
    8. Kaplan Award in Comparative Morphology (Lena Hileman)
    9. Graduate Student Dissertation Award in Comparative Plant Biology (Michael Donoghue)
    10. Graduate Student Research Awards Committee (Richard Moore)

    C. Sections

    1. Bryological and Lichenological Section (Daphne Stone)
    2. Developmental and Structural Section (Jessica Budke)  
    3. Ecology Section  (Uromi Goodale)
    4. Economic Botany Section (Emily Warshefsky)  
    5. Genetics Section (Jeremy Coate) 
    6. Historical Section (Marshall Sundberg) 
    7. Paleobotanical Section (Michael Dunn)
    8. Physiological Section (Arthur Schwarz) 
    9. Phytochemistry Section (Gaurav Moghe)
    10. Pteridological Section (Alejandra Vasco) 
    11. PUI Section (Nathan Jud)
    12. Systematics Section (Jennifer Mandel) 
    13. Teaching Section (Ben Montgomery) 
    14. Tropical Biology Section (Vinita Gowda) 
    15. Northeastern Section (Amy Faivre / Bonnie Isaac)
    16. Southeastern Section (Jeremy Rentsch) 

    5. Old Business

    6.  New Business
                A.  FY2024 Budget - Allison Miller
                B. Board Recommendations - Vivian Negron-Ortiz        

    Recommendation 1:  It is recommended that we increase the price for student and developing nations' gift memberships to $20 (from $10) for one-year gift memberships and $55 (from $30) for three-year memberships.

    Recommendation 2:  Dues increase. The BSA student dues have not changed since prior to 2008, and with decreasing publications revenue, along with increased inflation and rising costs for everything from software to travel, we believe that raising the following membership fee structure for both Student and Associate Memberships are necessary and in line with membership prices in similar societies. Please note other membership catagories have already been increased, and we have purposely not increased Developing Nations' member dues to respect the fact that colleagues in that catagory typically have the most need for financial assistance.  A grace period in September will be provided where students are encouraged to renew their membership at the 2022 rate. 

     - Student Memberships: $20 for one year to increase to $25, $50 for three years to increase to $60. 
     - Affiliate Memberships: $50 for one year to increase to $55

    Recommendation 3:  It is recommended that an Ad Hoc Membership Committee be constituted to work with our Membership Manager on strategies and tactics to increase membership from new member and lapsed member sources.

    Recommendation 4: It is recommended that BSA charge $10 for members who wish to receive the annual copies of Plant Science Bulletin in PRINT.

    Recommendation 5: It is recommended that Dr. Gonzalo Nieto Feliner be approved as a Corresponding Member of the BSA.

    Please download the reports and read them PRIOR to the meeting. We will discuss the contents of the reports at the Council meeting.