2000 Officer, Committee and Sectional Reports

ALL of the reports in one file (currently 56 pages): [WORD format] [PDF format]
Revised last: 8/3/00 (If you have the 8/2/00 version, you may want to reprint pg 49 so that you have the Genetics report.)

Sunday, August 6, 2000
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Doubletree Hotel, Morrison Room
Portland, Oregon


  1. Call to Order and Introductions (Doug Soltis)

  2. Approval of Minutes of 1999 Council Meeting [WORD format]

  3. Reports of Executive Committee, Editors, Webmaster
    (NOTE: All reports, except those of the Treasurer and Business Manager, are available electronically at www.botany.org/bsa/membership/council2000/council.html prior to the Council meeting. Please download the reports, read them prior to the Council meeting, and bring hard copies with you. The Treasurer and Business Manager will present their reports at the Council meeting. An opportunity to ask questions and discuss the contents of the reports will be provided at the Council meeting.) All currently available reports are linked from here.
    A. President (Doug Soltis) [WORD format]
    B. Past President (Carol Baskin) [WORD format]
    C. President Elect (Pat Gensel)
    D. Secretary (Pam Soltis) [WORD format]
    E. Treasurer (Ed Schneider) [WORD format]
    F. Meeting Coordinator (Wayne Elisens) [WORD format]
    G. Program Director (Jeff Osborn) [WORD format] September 1 deadline for symposium proposals
    H. Editor, American Journal of Botany (Karl Niklas) [WORD format]
    I. Editor, Plant Science Bulletin (Marsh Sundberg) [WORD format]
    J. Webmaster (Scott Russell) [WORD format]
    K. Business Manager (Kim Hiser) [presented at meeting]

  4. Reports of Committees, Sections, and Representatives

    A. Committees
    1. Annual Meetings Coordinating Committee (Wayne Elisens) [WORD format] [same as above]
    2. Annual Meetings Program Committee (Jeff Osborn) [WORD format] [same as above]
    3. Archives and History Committee (Ron Stuckey)
    4. Committee on Committees (Pat Gensel)
    5. Conservation Committee (Bill Hahn)
    6. Corresponding Members Committee (Carol Baskin) (no vacancies)
    7. Darbaker Prize Committee (Annette Coleman) [no award in 2000]
    8. Education Committee (David Kramer) [WORD format]
    9. Election Committee (Carol Baskin)
    10. Esau Award Committee (Jean Gerrath) [student presentation award judged at meeting]
    11. Financial Advisory Committee (Jack Horner) [WORD format]
    12. Karling Awards Committee (George Yatskievych) [WORD format]
    13. Membership and Appraisal Committee (Leo Bruederle) [WORD format]
    14. Merit Awards Committee (John Doebley) [WORD format]
    15. Moseley Award Committee (Larry Hufford) [WORD format]
    16. Pelton Award Committee (Fred Sack)
    17. Publications Committee (Judy Jernstedt) [WORD format]
    18. Webpage Committee (Scott Russell) [WORD format]
    19. Development ad hoc Committee (Judy Jernstedt)
    20. Endowment ad hoc Committee (Nancy Dengler)

    B. Sections
    1. Bryological and Lichenological Section (Paula DePriest)
    2. Developmental and Structural Section (Jean Gerrath) [WORD format]
    3. Ecology Section (Maxine Watson) [WORD format]
    4. Economic Botany Section (Daniel Harder) [WORD format]
    5. Genetics Section (Jeri Higginbotham) [WORD format]
    6. Historical Section (Vassiliki Betty Smokovitis)
    7. Mycological Section (David Hibbett)
    8. Paleobotanical Section (Steve Manchester) [WORD format]
    9. Phycological Section (Louise Lewis) [WORD format]
    10. Physiological Section (Pete Straub)
    11. Phytochemical Section (James Wallace) [WORD format]
    12. Pteridological Section (Tom Ranker)
    13. Systematics Section (Mark Porter)
    14. Teaching Section (Rob Reinsvold)
    15. Tropical Biology Section (Susanne Renner) [WORD format]
    16. Midcontinent Section (Rob Wallace)
    17. Northeastern Section (Karl Anderson)
    18. Pacific Section (David Bilderback) [WORD format]
    19. Southeastern Section (Kathleen Hornberger) [WORD format]

    C. Representatives to other Organizations
    1. AAAS
    2. AIBS
    3. CSSP (Pat Gensel)
    4. ASC (Larry Skog) [WORD format]

  5. Old Business

    A. Bylaws changes (Pam Soltis)
    B. Other items of Old Business

  6. New Business

    A. 2000 BSA Budget (Ed Schneider)
    B. 2000 Business Office, AJB, and PSB Budgets (Kim Hiser)
    C. Search for new position in BSA Business Office (Kim Hiser/Ed Schneider)
    D. Strategic Plan (Doug Soltis)
    E. BSA Meetings, 2001 (Wayne Elisens)
    F. Expanded Meeting Format, Madison, 2002 (Jeff Osborn)
    G. Special Publications/Initiatives (Doug Soltis/Judy Jernstedt)
    H. Annual Meeting Coordinator to serve on Executive Committee (per change in by-laws; Wayne Elisens will serve)

  7. Other Business

  8. Adjournment


  • Annual Business Meeting: 9 August 2000, 4:30 p.m., Oregon Convention Center, A 103-104.
  • BSA Banquet: 9 August 2000, 7:00 p.m., Doubletree Hotel, Cascade Ballroom, Portland, Oregon (ticket required).