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Lucy Adhiambo
Research Associate
Center for Ecosystem Restoration – Kenya
Posted 5-20-24


Lucy Adhiambo


I am a biotechnologist with a degree from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Growing up, I witnessed the challenges my father, a farmer and teacher, faced in Kenya's agricultural sector, particularly with sourcing quality seeds. This inspired my career path in biotechnology, with a vision to address the issues farmers encounter in accessing reliable seed sources.

Currently, I serve as a Research Associate at CER-K (formerly Brackenhurst Botanical Garden and Forest), Kenya's sole botanical garden. My primary focus lies in seed bank operations. CER-K's overarching goal is to enhance the availability and accessibility of high-quality germplasm for ecosystem restoration. I help CER-K achieve this by engaging local communities in seed collection, processing, and distribution. Additionally, I help CER-K seed scientists and seedbank managers to develop and implement germplasm research strategies.

While I am still in the early stages of rectifying the challenges faced by farmers like my father, I find fulfillment in the impact I am making in restoration and ecology. I am grateful for the partnership between CER-K and Terraformation, led by Dr. Marian Chao, who is based in Hawaii. This collaboration provides valuable support to developing countries like Kenya, including donations of seed banks, training programs, and ensuring sustainable seed bank operations.

These initiatives are already addressing key issues in Kenya's seed sector, such as improving knowledge of handling indigenous tree species and ensuring the availability of suitable tree seeds.

My core strengths include being deliberative, relational, analytical, a continuous learner, and responsible. I am passionate about meticulous planning, risk assessment, and ensuring high-quality outcomes. I also enjoy mentoring individuals, conducting research, analyzing data, and problem-solving.


Lucy Adhiambo

Top left: One of the well-maintained flower gardens at Brackenhurst.
Top right: Brackenhurst Botanical Garden and Forest based in limuru-Kenya.
Bottom Left: Lucy inside the seedbank.
Bottom Right: CER-K training farmers on the best practices for seed collection and processing,
as well as emphasizing the importance of conservation work


Lucy's advice for those just starting their botanical journey:

For anyone beginning their botanical journey, focusing on seeds can provide a rich and foundational understanding of plant biology. By focusing on seeds in your botanical studies, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and importance of plants in our ecosystems. Seeds serve as a gateway to understanding plant life cycles, adaptations, and ecological interactions. Enjoy the journey of discovery as you explore the fascinating world of botany through the lens of seeds.

Lucy's other passions:

Outside of work, I am fascinated by diverse subjects and enjoy exploring new places. I unwind by reading novels and listening to music. I actively engage in community-oriented activities such as volunteering, leadership roles, and projects that require precise execution.


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