Samuel Noel Postlethwait Award - Teaching

The Samuel L. Postlethwait Award 
is for excellence in teaching in one’s institution and/or for recognition of service and contributions to botanical education, which may include service to the BSA Teaching Section.

The Postlethwait Award is to a Teaching Section member under the following criteria:

  1. Facilitation of student learning and appreciation of botany.
  2. Demonstrates innovation in the teaching of botany.
  3. Demonstrates enthusiasm for student success in the acquisition of botanical knowledge.
  4. Dedication to plant science education.

This award is now closed for 2023. Please check back in early 2024 to apply for next year's award.

Appendix: Past Recipients of the Postlewait Award

1998 - David W. Kramer
2013 - Jim Wandersee
2014 - Marsh Sundberg
2015 - Donna Hazlewood
2016 - Baker Stokes
2017 - Phil Gibson
2018 - Madhav Nepal
2019 - Bruce Cahoon
2020 - Covid Pause
2021 - Pause, Review, and Renewal
2022 - Melanie DeVore
2023 - Janelle M. Burke