The Botanical Society of America, in conjunction with the Developmental & Structural Section, is pleased to open the "call for applications" for four (4), $500 Vernon I. Cheadle Student Travel Awards. Awards are available to undergraduate and graduate students who will be attending and presenting a paper or poster at the Botany 2015 Conference to be held in Edmonton, July 25 - 29. Although it is not a requirement, students who are presenting in a session sponsored by the Developmental and Structural Section will be given the highest priority. Applicants, please use the form located at to apply for this award (by April 10, 2015). We ask a faculty advisor also send an email acknowledging the application to

Understanding and Overcoming Implicit Bias

The Society asks that all members, and in particular those creating awards and/or working on award committees be aware of implicit bias. The following videos explore the complicated process of granting awards and prizes in disciplinary societies, and provide solutions for problems that may arise as a result of unconscious bias.
AWIS Links
Being concerned with the emphasis on gender, we add a note that implicit bias can be much broader in scope. To emphasize that point, we suggest reviewing not only the AWIS site as a source of guidance, but two others which cautions against implicit bias for minorities of any type and emphasize the pervasive nature of implicit bias.
Rutgers University program for implicit bias -
National Center for State Courts -

Conflict of Interest

BSA Confict of Interest Policy
Committee members should recuse themselves from all discussions, votes, and decisions on the candidates for awards if they have a conflict of interest for or against that nominee.