APPS Reviewing Editor Board 2018

Applications in Plant Sciences REVIEWING EDITOR BOARD

Purpose and Eligibility

The Botanical Society of America is seeking interested applicants to serve on the Reviewing Editor Board for Applications in Plant Sciences, BSA’s open access journal promoting the rapid dissemination of newly developed, innovative tools and protocols in all areas of the plant sciences. The Reviewing Editor Board is composed of a select number of post-doctoral researchers and graduate students who have advanced to Ph.D. candidacy. Reviewing Editors will primarily evaluate Primer Note submissions according to criteria established for the journal and provide feedback to the Associate Editor; they will also assess revised manuscripts for adherence to comments and suggestions. Reviewing editors may also be invited to serve as reviewers for submissions of other article types (Application Articles, Protocol Notes, Review Articles, Software Notes, etc.).

Members of the Reviewing Editor Board will be expected to handle up to two manuscripts per month and to agree to a 2-year commitment, with the term beginning September 1, 2018. Members of this board will be mentored by the APPS Editorial Board members and receive experience in the editorial and peer-review processes. Successful editors will also receive reduced registration rates to the annual conference of the Botanical Society of America.

Application Guidelines

Applications must include a cover letter from the applicant, CV, and a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor or major professor. Successful applicants will demonstrate an attention to detail and an interest in gaining experience in this important aspect of academic service; information on scheduled time in the field during the commitment period, if known, should also be provided.

Applications should be sent to by May 14, 2018.

Applications in Plant Sciences Editorial Board

Theresa Culley, Editor-in-Chief
Diane Byers
Richard Cronn
Mitch Cruzan
Matt Gitzendanner
Seung-Chul Kim
Jeff Maughan
Mike Moore
Pam Soltis
J. Ryan Stewart
Lisa Wallace
Jill Wegrzyn
Norm Wickett

Beth Parada - 314/577-9486 (Coordinator)
Email the entire committee

Charge to the Committee

Our charge is to choose a Reviewing Editor Board for Applications in Plant Sciences.


  1. Autumn Amici
    Amici Application

  2. Nathan Hepler
    Hepler Application

  3. Mahboubeh Hosseinalizadeh Nobarinezhad
    Hosseinalizadeh Nobarinezhad Application

  4. Renu Joshi
    Joshi Application

  5. Diego Morales-Briones
    Morales-Briones Application

  6. Carlos Pasiche-Lisboa
    Pasiche-Lisboa Application

  7. Jerald Pinson
    Pinson Application

  8. Sunil Kumar Kenchanmane Raju
    Raju Application

  9. Kevin Weitemier
    Weitemier Application