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New! PlantingScience E-book, Inquiring about Plants!

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Botany 2015 - THE Conference for ALL Botanists

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2014 BSA Endowment Fund Drives

Please join us during this year's BSA Endowment Fund drive by clicking on the red donate button in the upper right of this page today. Each year your contribution to the Endowment Fund provides vital support for all of our awards, programs, and publications. Your generosity is important to ensuring we achieve our mission. And, with the American Journal of Botany celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, your generosity will help ensures that the AJB will be publishing important research for another 100 years.

AJB Centennial Review Highlights

JULY   The polyploidy revolution then...and now: Stebbins revisitedby Douglas E. Soltis, Clayton J. Visger, and Pamela S. Soltis
JUNE Plant evolution at the interface of paleontology and developmental biology: An organism-centered paradigm by Gar W. Rothwell, Sarah E. Wyatt, and Alexandru M. F. Tomescu
MAY   Is gene flow the most important evolutionary force in plants? by Norman C. Ellstrand
APR   Repeated evolution of tricellular (and bicellular) pollen by Joseph H. Williams, Mackenzie L. Taylor, and Brian C. O’Meara

BSA Publication Highlights

 APPS   Together, humans and computers can figure out the plant world
 APPS   Viewing plant cells in 3-D (no glasses required)
 APPS   Make your mobile device live up to its true potential---as a data collection tool
 AJB   What can plants reveal about gene flow? That it's an important evolutionary force
AJB   Which came first, bi- or tricellular pollen? New research updates a classic debate



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