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American Journal of Botany

(Print: ISSN 0002-9122, Electronic: ISSN 1537-2197) is an internationally recognized journal accepting refereed research papers on all aspects of plant biology, published monthly since 1914. In addition to reports of original research in all areas of plant science, the Journal contains Rapid Communications, and Special Papers, which include reviews, critiques and analyses of controversial subjects. - Current Issue

Individual print subscriptions of the Journal are available to members of the Botanical Society of America for a cost in addition to the membership fee. All members receive online access to the full run of the journal as a benefit of membership. Access to the years 1914 to 2009 is hosted through The Scholarly Journal Archive ("JSTOR") and years 1999-2014 through Highwire Press (AJB online). Please see the Benefits of Membership page. It is also available to non members. For this service please contact us at

Applications in Plant Sciences

(Online ISSN 2168-0450) is a monthly, online-only, open access, peer-reviewed journal promoting the rapid dissemination of newly developed, innovative tools and protocols in all areas of the plant sciences, including genetics, structure, function, development, evolution, systematics, and ecology. Given the rapid progress today in technology and its application in the plant sciences, the goal of APPS is to foster communication within the plant science community to advance scientific research. APPS is a publication of the Botanical Society of America, originating in 2009 as the American Journal of Botany's online-only section, AJB Primer Notes & Protocols in the Plant Sciences. Debuting in 2013 as a new journal, APPS has been expanded to address novel protocols, software reports, reviews, and applications of new technology in any area of the plant sciences.

  American Journal of Botany

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