BSA Student Activity Committee

BSA Student Activity Committee: was created for YOU, the students, to actively be involved inside and outside the BSA. Not only will the student committee be helping to plan more awesome activities for Botany 2012, we will also work together on public policy issues that are important to us as scientists. Already we have an awesome diverse group of students but we’re always looking for more input from you! If you a great idea, please contact one of us!

Sohail Akram
I am a PhD student at School of Biological Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan, and my current dissertation research is on sugarcane transformation studies to develop resistance in sugarcane against insects. I visited the USA in 2010 and got research training at the University of Missouri, Columbia. The US experience was really wonderful scientifically as well as socially and I have many good things to remember. Besides research work, I actively participate in co-curricular activities to spread the voice for the plant science field and strengthening communications among researchers especially of my age fellow/youngsters. For this reason I have membership in various societies, including BSA. Furthermore, I have the opportunity to mentor science students through PlantingScience, an education outreach project of BSA, and I really love this experience of online mentoring. Now, I do hope this new student activity committee of BSA will be helpful in bringing together young minds and will have long-term impacts on our future plant science research. This committee will be the voice of students and a link between students and senior officials of the society.

Jon Giddens
I am in my second semester of a Botany Masters program at the University of Oklahoma.  My research is in the field of systematics and I am looking at problems within the classifications of Iva annua in the Asteraceae family.  I am looking at both morphological characteristics along with using phylogenetics to try and get a better idea of just how many distinctive species there really are. Going to Botany 2011 this past July was an awesome experience for me.  I was able to meet a lot of really great people while I was there and this is part of why I wanted to be on this committee.  I would love to help bring in new students, both graduate and undergraduate, to be a part of this great community of scientists that I have just discovered!

Maggie Ooi
I am an undergrad senior at Boise State University with a biology major - botany emphasis, and two minors, chemistry and Chinese studies. My research is in phylogeny and systematics of two species in the neo-tropical Columnea genus. I love plants, my true passion lies in botany in food, such as agricultural crops and plants. I hope to make a difference in what we eat in the future! My hope for BSA is to raise awareness in upcoming biologists and to get them interested in any sort of plant biology.

Brian Sidoti
I am a Ph.D. candidate in Botany at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  My dissertation research focuses on the pattern and process of evolution within Caribbean Bromeliaceae, in general, and of the epiphytic Tillandsiafasciculata complex, in particular.  I received my M.S. in Biological Sciences from Florida International University/Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.  The reason I wanted to join this committee was to increase student involvement in BSA activities and the Botany conference.

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