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  • Make connections, foster relationships, chart your career path and share information & research with botanists/plant scientists and educators around the world
  • Obtain online access to all BSA publications including the American Journal of Botany and Plant Science Bulletin and nearly 100 years of scientific research
  • Ability to purchase a year of the American Journal of Botany in print for your personal use
  • Privilege of publishing in the American Journal of Botany, the multi-disciplinary leader in botanical research and commentary
    • Rapid turnaround from submission to publication
    • Broad readership and diversity of plant science coverage, from molecular to ecosystem
    • no page charges for members
    • reduced rate to make articles open access
  • Reduced Open Access fees for members publishing in the BSA's online, open access journal, Applications in Plant Sciences
  • Greatly reduced rates for our our annual scientific conference where you may present your work (poster and oral presentations)
  • E-news from the Society provides breaking news about important happenings and research in the field that impacts you and your work
  • Access to Botanical Society of America awards and grants that support members at every stage of their career (student, early career, professional accomplishments)
  • Professional Development Opportunities (serve on a committee, run for office, write and review manuscripts, educational outreach and mentorship with middle and high schools)
  • National & international recognition for your work
  • Interaction with a diverse membership and the opportunity for sectional affiliation in your specialty areas
  • Participate in a dynamic asnd professional international scientific community striving to make a difference


"As a botanist in a small university, BSA is the ONLY plant-related society that is broad enough for my teaching responsibilities. I appreciate the variety of research topics."

"I have the utmost admiration for what the BSA is trying to achieve. I cannot speak highly enough of its efforts in communication, providing inspiration to a wide range of people and interests in botany, including getting more school students interested in plants, and providing a FANTASTIC resource for professional botanists like me."

"I appreciate the eclectic coverage from cells to whole organisms to ecosystems."

"I can't wait for the Botany Conference. Hearing about all the great botanical work that's been going on the past year or so, making new friends and colleagues - it is really a worthwhile and fun time."




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