James M. and Esther N. Schopf Fund

We are pleased to report the Society has received an anonymous gift to establish the James M. and Esther N. Schopf Fund (BSA Paleobotanical Section). The fund is named in honor of Dr. James Morton Schopf and Mrs. Esther Nissen Schopf.

James M. Schopf (1911-1978) was an active and influential paleobotanist, especially in the early years of the Section, and recipient of numerous awards and honors. Esther N. Schopf (1910-1997), educated in botany, mathematics and several languages, was known to everyone in the Section of which she was made an honorary member in 1991. Both James and Esther regularly attended Paleobotanical Section meetings and field trips, as well as hosted numerous paleobotanists through the years at their home in Columbus, Ohio.

The fund will be used to enhance the collegiality and effectiveness of the annual meeting of the Paleobotanical Section. This could include, but is not limited to, funding refreshments or other aspects of the Section's annual dinner, Section field trips (such as bus rental, preparation of field guides, etc.), attendance at the annual meeting of specially invited guests, and/or any other costs involved in the Section's annual meeting. These funds are to be distributed by, and at the discretion of, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Paleobotanical Section, Botanical Society of America.

The initial gift establishing the fund was for $50,000. Please feel free to support its growth as you go through the process of renewing your membership.

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