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Alyssa Cochran, University of North Carolina, Wilmington - Advisor, Dr. Eric Schuettpelz - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "Tryonia, a new taenitidoid fern genus segregated from Jamesonia and Eriosorus (Pteridaceae)" Co-authors: Jefferson Prado and Eric Schuettpelz

Jordan Metzgar , University of Alaska, Fairbanks - Advisor, Dr. Stefanie Ickert-Bond - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "From eastern Asia to North America: historical biogeography of the parsley ferns (Cryptogramma)" Co-author: Stefanie Ickert-Bond

Jerald Pinson, University of North Carolina, Wilmington - Advisor, Dr. Eric Schuettpelz - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "Origin of Vittaria appalachiana, the "Appalachian gametophyte"" Co-author: Eric Schuettpelz

Sally Stevens, Purdue University - Advisor, Dr. Nancy C. Emery - for the Botany 2014 presentation: "Home is Where the Heat Is? Temperature and Humidity Responses in a Fern Gametophytex" Co-author: Nancy C. Emery

Anthony Baniaga, University of Arizona - Advisor, Dr. Mike Barker, for the paper “Genomics of Allopolyploidy and Hybridization in Selaginella subg. Tetragonostachys” Co-authors: Nils Arrigo and Michael Barker

Laura Klein, Saint Louis University - Advisor, Dr. R. James Hickey, for the paper “Morphology and Introgressive Hybridization in North American Diphasiastrum

Fernando Matos, New York Botanical Garden - Advisor, Dr. Robbin C. Moran, for the paper “Systematic Studies of Elaphoglossum section Polytrichia (Dryopteridaceae)” Co-author: Robbin Moran

Tai-Chung Wu, National Taiwan University - Advisor, Dr. Wen-Yuan Kao, for the poster “Stomatal response in leaves of Marsilea crenata, an amphibious fern” Co-author: Wen-Yuan Kao

Amanda Grusz, Duke University - Advisor, Dr. Kathleen Pryer - Botany 2012 presentation: “Using next generation sequencing to develop microsatellite markers in ferns ” Co-authors, Michael Windham and Kathleen Pryer

Stacy Jorgensen, University of Vermont - Advisor, Dr. David Barrington - Botany 2012 presentation: “New insights into the heritage of Pacific Northwestern polyploids in the genus Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae)” Co-author, David Barrington

Meghan McKeown, University of Vermont - Advisor, Dr. David Barrington - Botany 2012 presentation: “226” Co-authors, Michael Sundue and David Barrington

Weston Testo, Colgate University - Advisor, Dr. James E. Watkins - Botany 2012 presentation: “Comparative gametophyte ecology of the American hart's-tongue fern and associated fern taxa: evidence for recent population declines in New York State” Co-author, James E. Watkins

Fernando Matos, New York Botanical Garden - Advisor, Dr. Robbin Moran - Botany 2011 presentation: “The ferns and lycophytes of a montane tropical forest in southern Bahia, Brazil.” Co-authors, Paulo Henrique Labiak and Andre, Amorim

Monique McHenry, University of Vermont - Advisor, Dr. David Barrington - Botany 2011 presentation: “Investigating morphological diversity of Andean Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae): seeking explanations for incongruence between sequence variation and morphological variation.” Co-author, Dr. David Barrington

Christine Creese, University of California Los Angeles – Botany 2009 presentation: The coordination of structure and function in 15 fern species from Southern California. Co-author, Lawren Sack.

Emily Sessa, University of Wisconsin-Madison – Botany 2010 presentation: Relationships of New World Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae). Co-authors, Thomas J. Givnish and Elizabeth Zimmer.

Susan Sprunt, Miami University of Ohio – Botany 2010 presentation: Of genes, scales and venation: Detecting patterns of variation in the Pleopeltis polypodioides species complex (Polypodiaceae). Co-authors, John A. Bailer, Linda E. Watson, Harald Schneider, and R. James Hickey.

Marian M. Chau, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Honolulu, HI – Dr. Thomas Ranker – Botany 2009 presentation: Restoration genetics of the endangered fern Marsilea villosa: variation among populations on two Hawaiian islands.

Jessica Sabo, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY – Dr. James E. Watkins Jr. – Botany 2009 presentation: Understanding abiotic stress tolerance in fern gametophytes and sporophytes.

Erin Sigel, Duke University, Durham, NC – Dr. Kathleen Pryer – Botany 2009 presentation: To have or have not: using farina to delineate major clades within the false cloak ferns (Argyrochosma).

Alejandra Vasco, The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY – Dr. Robbin Moran – Botany 2009 presentation: Systematics and phylogeny of Elaphoglossum section Lepidoglossum H. Christ (Drypoteridaceae): search for natural groups.

Jay Bolin, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA - Dr. Lytton J. Musselman - Botany 2008 presentation:
"Unraveling the reticulate evolutionary history of the Isoetes hyemalis complex."

Emily Butler, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI - Advisor, Dr. Thomas J. Givnish - Botany 2008 presentation:
"In the Light of Evolution: A Proposal to Integrate Phylogeny and Ecophysiology in New World Dryopteris."

Amber Churchill, Stonehill College, North Easton, MA - Advisor, Dr. J. Edward Watkins - Botany 2008 presentation:
" A Site for Sori: Consequences of Fertile/Sterile Leaf Dimorphism in Ferns."

Michael Sundue, New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY - Advisor, Dr. Robbin Moran - Botany 2008 presentation:
" Systematics of grammitid ferns: Lellingeria, Melpomene, and Terpsichore."

Ms. Melanie Link-Perez, Miami University, Advisor: Dr. R. James Hickey
For her Botany 2007 presentation entitled: "Morphological Variation and Geographical Distribution of Adiantopsis radiata."

Mr. Carl Rothfels, Duke University, Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Pryer
For his Botany 2007 presentation entitled: "Making Fronds in the Desert: Phylogenetics of Farinose Ferns (Notholaena: Pteridaceae)."

Ms. Alejandra Vasco, New York Botanical Garden, Advisor: Dr. Robbin C. Moran
For her Botany 2007 poster entitled: "Taxonomic Revision of the Elaphoglossum ciliatum group (Dryopteridaceae)."

Michael S. Barker, Indiana University, Advisor: Dr. Loren Rieseberg for his Botany 2006 presentation entitled: "Inferring paleopolyploidy in homosporous ferns using duplicate gene age distributions"

Joshua Der, Utah State University, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wolf for his Botany 2006 presentation entitled: "A global phylogeographic study of the chloroplast genome in bracken (Pteridium: Dennstaedtiaceae)"

Amanda Grusz, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, Advisor: Dr. Kathleen M. Pryer for her Botany 2006 presentation entitled: "Polyploids and reticulate voids: the Cheilanthes fenderli complex revisited"

Chad E. Husby, Florida International University, Advisor: Dr. Steven Oberbauer for his Botany 2006 presentation entitled: "Salinity tolerance ecophysiology of the giant horsetail, Equisetum giganteum, in the Atacoma Desert, Chile"

Annabelle Kleist, Carroll College, Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Geiger for her Botany 2006 presentation entitled: "Alternate pathways of fern dispersal to the Hawaiian Islands, Part 3: Cibotium"

Eric Shuettpelz, Duke University, Advisor: Dr. Kathleen M. Pryer for his Botany 2006 presentation entitled; " Toward a comprehensive phylogeny of extant ferns"

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